An Old Jollibee AM Radio

Hi Steemians especially my fellow pinoys. Ilan pa ba sa inyo nakaka alala netong radyo na to?

I think this old AM radio has been with us for 10 or even more years. I never used it but my husband had been using it for years whenever he is tinkering with something. He repairs every electronics related stuff here in the house and to keep him entertained he will always turn on this cute Jolliee radio. The antenna is already missing but this little wonder can still catch some radio signals and play. I think this is an AM radio only not sure if this can receive FM signals. Either way, it had served its purpose. This I believe came from a kiddie meal meant for kids of course but my two kids back then never really used it. My husband did. hahaha. Look how useful it is up to this day. Yesterday when he was here he used it and still is working just fine. I guess it all depends on how you use a product like this to give it a longer than expected life. I had almost thrown this away thinking we no longer need it or no one is using it really. However, yesterday I heard it playing and so I do not see it getting near any waste bin.
How about you guys what sort of things you have at home that still works despite their age?

Thank y you

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18.11.2019 15:34