Advent Challenge 2019 Wispy Carolers

Day by day the number of carolers are increasing as the Christmas day nears. I drew a picture of what a typical caroler would look like. Most of them are little children doing it their way. They would form a small group could be a duo, trio or more. The instruments depends on what is available or what they can DIY on their own. Some of them could be tambourine, maracas, xylophone, metal triangle, drums and harmonica. Base on experience when I was little the typical instruments we use are tambourine and drums take note these are just made by us just imagine what kind of instruments kids can make given their little skills in crafting or DIY. The last thing needed would be a source of light. Back then we use candles other kids use kerosene lamps nowadays kids do not bother use any light. On my drawing I use a Christmas lantern which we call parol. It is traditionally made using bamboo sticks for the frame of the star then covered all over with Japanese paper. Today for practical reasons all if not most commercial lanterns are made out of plastic so they can last long

This is my interpretation of today's prompt Wispy carolers. Hope you like it

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12.12.2019 16:33

Wow ganyan na ganyan mga bata dito

12.12.2019 17:45

I know right

13.12.2019 14:16

You had captured it well very nice

15.12.2019 15:38