Quarantine First Year

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Quarantine just Celebrate First Year in Steemit platform.

Current General Duties, Assist Community Accounts from Camillesteemer's downvotes Accounts.

Intercept Phishing Links , Helps to Neutralize Flag / Downvotes from Camillesteemer's downvotes Fleet Accounts and destroy theirs Accounts.

List of Accounts Intercepted

Zerbo - account supply by steem
hatshep - account supply by steem
bernecon - account supply by steem
dinstructor - account supply by steem
firemanet - account supply by steem
waldziev - account supply by steem
quadrantos - account supply by steem
asoliut - account supply by steem
grimairt - account supply by share2steem

The last few months Tasks completed.
Have helped to Recover a few accounts from phishing.
@luueetang @mgranja @pjcorts

If you do need any assistant; Please leave a message below on the comment section.

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Congratulation on your First Year.
Keep up the good work.

09.07.2019 14:05

This post has received a 92.25 % upvote from @boomerang.

09.07.2019 15:54

Yes! @quarantine helped me recover my account! Thank you. I'll never forget it.

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10.07.2019 16:16

Sneaky-Ninja-Throwing-Coin 125px.jpg
Defended (24.67%)
Summoned by @blockcleaner
Sneaky Ninja supports @youarehope and @tarc with a percentage of all bids.
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11.07.2019 01:28

Congratulations @quarantine, good luck forever.

12.07.2019 07:26

congratulations for you @quarantine, good luck always

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12.07.2019 08:02