Wednesday Air Traffic Control Report


12:05 PM EST

Good afternoon travelers. While the weather conditions are generally favorable for Air Traffic around the USA and Canada today, there is a non-weather related ATC program in effect.

MDW: Chicago Midway Airport is experiencing arrival delays of about 40 minutes. This delay is a carryover from yesterday when it was reported that several members of the MDW ATC tower had tested positive for COVID-19. This caused a shutdown of the tower and led to several cancellations at MDW since there was no one available to direct the Air Traffic.
Southwest Airlines is the primary carrier into MDW, if you are flying on Southwest today then you will want to contact the airline to determine if your flight may be impacted by these delays at MDW. Remember, just because you may not be flying through MDW, your flight could still be impacted by the conditions at that airport.

Air travel around the globe continues to be significantly impacted by the continued Coronavirus Pandemic. Before traveling, you should consider the health risks, closely monitor guidance and recommendations by health authorities at your destination and at home, and get up to date information from your airline about possible delays, cancellations, and changes in flight schedules.

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