Air Traffic Control Report 2 March


7:50 AM EST

Good morning travelers. It is a good morning for air traffic across most of the USA and Canada today. Only one ATC delay program in effect at major airports today.

DEN, Denver International Airport is experiencing minor ATC delays due to tome low clouds in the area. Delays are averaging around 15 minutes, so no major impacts to travelers.

As always, make sure you check with your airline before heading to the airport to see if your flight(s) will be on time for the day.

ALSO, there are now several more changes in travel restrictions and schedule adjustments by many airlines due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Travelers to and from Japan, South Korea, Iran, and Italy may be affected. Most airlines do have travel waivers in effect for flights that are impacted by the issue. Your airline's website shoudl have the information that you need.

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