Mathematical SBI contest #5 Results and Solution of the Equation


The problem of the last contest was:
Screenshot from 2019-08-23 09-16-44.png
All solutions to this equation follow one general formula. This can be reached by setting the whole equation equal to a new variable z⁶:
x² = y³ = z⁶

x = z³
y = z²
If z is an integer, then x and y are also integer, so the general result is:
(z³, z²)

Sadly most people forgot that z can also be negative, but luckily that won't have a negative impact today.


How your chance of winning is calculated:

  • Every participant gets 1 point for entering the contest.
  • Every solution entered gets 1 additional point.
  • Multiple examples of a general solution count as one solution
  • If there is only one general solution, those who found its pattern(by mentioning a general formula or showing more then 3 examples) will get an additional point.
  • Your winning chance is "your points"/"total points"


List of participants with their scores and chance of winning, sorted by time of entry:

Name solutions found score chance of winning
@contrabourdon (1, 1) 2 11.1%
@hokkaido (1, 1) 2 11.1%
@vote-transfer (±1, 1) 2 11.1%
@heraclio (8, 4) 2 11.1%
@sparkesy43 (8, 4) 2 11.1%
@mytechtrail (1, 1) 2 11.1%
@bwar (z³, z²) 3 16.7%
@tonimontana (t³, t²) 3 16.7%


Winner draw(using a self written program):

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 11-15-40.png

Congratulations @vote-transfer, you won 1 SBI:
Screenshot from 2019-08-25 11-19-52.png


The next contest starts tomorrow. Don't miss it!

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