Math Contest #8 [1 SBI prize]

Here you can keep your brain fit by solving math related problems and also earn SBI. There you can also find out how I evaluate your entries.

To everyone who already participated in a past contest, come back today and try a new problem(tell me if you don't want to be tagged):
@addax @ajayyy @athunderstruck @bwar @contrabourdon @heraclio @hokkaido @mytechtrail @onecent @sidekickmatt @sparkesy43 @syalla @tonimontana @vote-transfer

In case no one gets a result(which I doubt), I will give away the prize to anyone who comments.


@contrabourdon sponsors this contest with 2 STEEM weekly.
You can support him by using a witness vote on untersatz, so he can further support this and other contests.

Comments 5


04.09.2019 18:48

Ugly formatting, but I accept it.
By the way if you want to write something without the word in between getting italic you can use \* instead of *
And if you want to write indexes, but your keyboard (-layout) doesnt allow it, you could at least use c_1 to show that you actually wanted to use a subscript there.

04.09.2019 20:01

Yes somehow it looked way better in the preview:D

05.09.2019 09:24

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05.09.2019 22:55