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种族主义: 非正即反
蝴蝶效应 凡x过必留下痕迹

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Hello Angela,

I am very sorry to convey such sad news about Sook Jin's ways and state of mind but we really dont know what to do either after he made a nuisance of himself at Aunty Manis' house and later broke down the gate to See Quen's gate.Bin,Aunty Manis' maid,had to go over later and tie the gate with wire otherwise Quen's dogs would escape and create a nuisance to the neighbourhood.This is not the first time that SJin has done such a thing.

I am relieved that you acknowledged that you know of SJin's mentality and that you knew he was unbalanced (to use the term you used) from young.Though I must say that we had no knowledge of this whenever we met him,and also during the few days he would spend at my father's house during the Chinese NYear .He always seemed very quiet and polite.

Yes,I do understand that you cant give him money to start his business since the money that you have saved up is for your old age and if he were to fail in his project then you would have to suffer in your retirement years.Likeyou,we also wondered why he couldnt get his so-called partners to pool their collective money and start the business.

Yes,you ARE right to tell him that should he start a business with his friends, should the business go bankrupt you wont bail him out.Who then is to look after you if this were to happen and you would have lost all your retirement money?

Like you,his sister Miu Eng and I have no idea HOW to help him out since you realise that he has not kept in touch with us all these years ,and when he went to his sister's house,he would not speak to See Quen, Miu Eng,her husband Kwai Tat and their 2 children,though the kids kept constantly trying to engage him.He would ignore them all and not speak to anyone,which they felt to be most rude.

I think,Angela,that the only option open is to take him to a psychiatrist and see what t can be done for him.If you want a name in JBaru I can try and get a good psychiatrist for you to take him to.

Thank you for telling me that should we take any action against him you would understand and that if we called the Police you would understand too.We have not done this to date since it seemed a very drastic action but now that SJin is getting more and more violent,we have no choice but threaten him that we will call the Police if he disturbs Aunty Manis' maid and creates a great nuisance.Thank you for being so understanding.

I feel sad,Angela,that your life has not been easy, having to put up with a mother and sister who were also in this condition.When I received nasty forwarded smses from your sister years ago though I had nothing to do with her I already knew she was not with it.Itis very sad that you alone,and maybe your father, had to bear with all this over the years with your late mother,late sister,and now,SJin.

Thank you,though,for letting me know the truth about Sook Jin.Hopefully,a good psychiatrist would be able to help him.Youcan call or get in touch with me whenever you think you need to.

Please keep well.

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