Believe me when I say am afraid
For the time to run has come
Brothers turning on brothers
Race turning against race
Mother's leaving their children
And government full of corruption.

A purge has started
The physical unrest is visible
The unavoidable has arrived
Not even the strongest men
Will be left Standing

Like a wave, she rose above the sea
Like the wind, she swept the earth clean
Like a vice, she infected everyone
Like a lion, she devoured her prey
Like an eagle she was always on a hunt
Like the devil, she was so deceptive

Trying to figure out what we owed her
Only to find her previous relationships
Might not have gone as planned
So she came and married humanity
A marriage we were forced into
Never to be divorced, I fear
Only God can save us


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Meet our Communial wife CORONA
Swaying her hips proudly
From victim to victim
Breaking hearts and draining the life forced out of them
Meet our Communial wife CORONA


I invite @namwoli @branding.gguru


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Thanks for participating and producing this great poem.

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Thanks 😊

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