Hey Good morning,
Today am sharing with you my worst habits, quite embarrassing but anyways regardless ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
First am glad to be invited by @kyara2 for such a wonderful contest.

Habit one;

Waking Up to My Phone.


eforehinking of anything in the morning imagine not even praying first, I always think about my phone first.
This happens especially if am expecting an important message or if am actually expecting clients to inbox me with work.
If I happen not to find any of those, I end up texting with my girls, crack jokes until I feel like I shouldn't be in bed anymore.

Habit Two.

I always leave my Bed Unmade.


Immeditely I get out of bed, the next thing if am home, I always look at what housework I can probably do while I wait for breakfast, this can be mopping, sweeping the compound or Making Breakfast. Then after all the planned housework is complete, I shower and lay my bed Last.

I always leave the Toilet seat Up.

Whenever I go to the toilet be it morning or any other time of the day, I always leave the toilet seat up. When I used to stay at my Aunt's place, she always reminded me to keep the toilet seat down. But since it was a habit, it was so hard to deal with. Sometimes I tried to keep it down but in most cases i left it up and this always made her angry.

Habit four


m natually a jolly person and laughing is a hobby with me. But whenever am out with friends My goodness, it's worse. They always crack me so hard and end up laughing without concern. Laughing Loud at home right from My Mother should be genetical because once she receives a call from any of her sisters, you can't even believe her Laughter.๐Ÿ˜‚

Habit Five;

Slapping anyone close to me at Laughing hard.

most cases when the Laughter gets deep, I find myself slapping whoever am laughing with. And all my friends complain on such behavior. Sometimes I fail to control and all my friends Know me for slapping them while laughing.

Last Habit;


I always fold my legs when I seat on a chair, I never keep my feet down. My mother and dad always complain on my seating habits, because in most cases, they find my feet up. If am seated on the floor I always seat folding legs up.

Those are my top five habits. Hope u can share yours to in Writings and Reviews.

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