I thank @steemkids for this beautiful contest and as well thank @kyara2 for the invite, am grateful.
My favorite childhood story is when I was eight years old. images.jpegImage source

I and my young sister Bright Angel used to stay with Mum's big sister for a short holiday of one month. My Aunt actually had two children who were Abit older than us. They were so stubborn and we who came humble turned into something else. I think we doubled themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

One day when Aunt Jane left us home alone, we decided to do anything we always wished to do in her absence.
First I always watched my brothers (her sons) climb the mango tree in our compound but I always failed whenever I tried to. One of them called Aloysius decided to give me a hand to get up on the tree. Guess what, I successfully did but unfortunately my head got stuck in between two branches. It was a hell moment for me. I cried the whole time but non of my brothers could help me. They called our neighbors who helped me out of the branches.
When my Aunt came back, she was bitter on hearing what happened in her absence, I was never allowed to climb any tree ever again.

After a few days, me and my brothers planned to steal meat and Irish from aunt's store , we had a fake wedding party of me and some other friend of ours we used to play with, his name was Jack. Me and Jack had a childhood weeding and we actually cooked food Irish, leaves, and boiled meat in tins on Zesta.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
We cut Aunt's Jerry cans to make bride n groom cars where they tied ropes and pulled us around the compound. This was crazy, our clothes got torn since we always sat in jerrycans and were pulled around.

This time around my Aunt cained each one of us and denied us supper that night, since we had stolen her food from her store. She was so bitter since we also tore clothes after cutting her Jerry cans.
One thing I loved about her, however much we annoyed her, she always performed her duties as a guardian,
She always taught us how to pray before sleeping. And by the time we left, we knew the Lord's prayer by head.


I Learnt never to do things that are supposed to be done by Boys, forexample climbing trees, I nearly lost my life when my head stuck in between branches.

I Learnt to obey my guardians, forexample my Aunt always told us never to touch her things without her permission and especially when she was not around but we instead stole her food and wasted it in her absence.

I Learnt to respect my guardians property. When my aunt cained us after destroying her Jerry cans, I learnt it was bad not to touch property that is not mine.

Lastly, I learnt how to pray, she taught us how to pray Everytime we were about to go to beo bed.

My sister and I

Hope youed my story, I invite @gabannah @five4 and @doroythn to participate in this contest.

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Thanks @humaidi for the correction

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