Hey everyone,
Eleven days ago, I shared something about Charity here on the Steemit Platform. I talked about the Briel Charity Foundation and Smile Campaign. Today am mainly going to talk more about the Smile Campaign.

First and foremost, the Smile Campaign is an initiative aiming at giving out basic household essentials to over 10,000 families in the slums areas of our country Uganda. The Smile Campaign was started by Malcom Edwards Ssenkungu who actually got this idea from his friend Bryan Barber who recently made an outreach to the children of Namuwongo.

The Smile Campaign has organized an outreach next month October 17th 2021 on Malcom's birthday. He says that instead of celebrating his age by simply eating cake and moving out to fancy places, he should be giving out to those families that also wish to have some nice food and basic household essentials. Wish is a good idea the @steemit Family should be picking a leaf from. I personally support the campaign.


Malcom has actually introduced a new way for those who are willing to give this campaign support. He has Opened up an Account via Flutter wave where people access and offer support to his campaign.

Examples of support given in so far include 303 stores Arua, Sneaker Hub Uganda and more as seen below👇




Below are some of the pictures captured in the slums areas of Namuwongo showing how tough life is for these families and children staying in the Slums.





Charity gives someone a feeling of happiness, joy and more fulfilled. Giving a hand to the less privilaged families motivates friends and more families that are financially stable to make out reaches in their areas. I urgue you all to be an example to your communities and give a hand where necessary or whatever you can. Let's change other lives and create a peaceful country.

And remember a hand that gives is a hand that Receives.

Love you have a blessed night💓

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As the Smile Campaign, we dont take this Lightly and appreciate🙏 your efforts @quanbriel.
And everyone who has contributed towards spreading the Gospel of Charity.


20.09.2021 08:27

Great job. You should organize something like this here on Steemit.

21.09.2021 02:46

Wow Amen

21.09.2021 05:00

You have been curated by @yohan2on, a country representative (Uganda). We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

Keep creating good content on Steemit.

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22.09.2021 10:02

Lovely gesture!

23.09.2021 22:19

Thanks @mbabazize 😊

24.09.2021 04:52