King Lorenzo's Pen


My words conquered blades
inhaled the haze off of corpses
The dead and conquered fallen
romans, as the Philmanians
made them worthless
King Lorenzo , my dagger creates
poems that's too expensive to purchase
My empire gets most of the percentage
blessing african villages with
Philmanian churches
My crown is underneath my chin
Black and curly
I raise the sun early, as I defeat
my enemies from a distance
while they defend poorly
I uplift my nation and it's siblings
watering seeds of my ancestors vision
I considered the red sea, save
the egyptians from the lies that
influenced their condition
Send this pslam to the plagiarisers
they've extorted Egyptian prestige
edited the ma'at, renamed it the
Ten Commandments , immortality has
no room to breathe
My garments weep for their stolen history
their stolen gold
But Quan's palm ; The King of Kings
holds the globe
My words are written on the golden scroll
This message carries gold
as it rains on the subconscious of the lost
let wisdom take the wheel and save their

 Quadratic Vision : Steemit Original

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