We are often frustrated at non-crypto people seem to hate crypto, but let's be real: we are in crypto and we can barely stand each others.

70% of this crypto people thinks Safemoon and other crypto moonshot members are annoying little kids with $100 to their names hoping to be the next Barren Wuffett.

70% of the Safemoon holders thinks other communites is full of boomers that love 0.5% APR.

70% of the ADA holders thinks Chuck Hoskinson is Jesus Christ incarnated.

99.9% of the Ethereum holders thinks Chuck Hoskinson is a snake oil salesman.

70% of ERG holders think they're holding "the next ETH".

99% of all bitcoin holders thinks non-bitcoin crypto are all scamcoins.

70% of new crypto holders don't even have any bitcoin because they got turned off by the annoying boomer btc maximalism attitude.

80% of xrp hodlers think it's a real decentralized crypto.

70% of non-holders thinks xrp is a centralized banking Trojan horse.

And so on and so forth....

Also don't forget:

80% of all statistics are made up and pulled straight out of somebody's asshole.

99% of all posts on these subs are moon farming attempts by desperate sad fucks.

70% of all posts with numbers and "percents" are flat out wrong.

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