A word of thanks to PrjectHope community...

With my relatively low rep, it is probably a bit hard to believe that I'm one of the oldest members on steemit platform...
That is mostly due to the lack of posting ...
What's the reason for that?
Well, I probably prefer reading than writing or maybe the reason is my busy university life or maybe I'm just a lazy man...
Although, I have a long expertise in blockchain technology and its applications, I rarely find the time to share my thoughts...
Or to be honest more, I've always felt a bit disappointed with the so few number of readers and low feedback on my content...
Three years ago, I saw Steemit as a platform for only whales who can pay to promote their posts or simply buy solid upvotes.
Well, there is a community has managed to change my mind . I 'm certainly talking about ProjectHope commuinty.
Few months ago, I published my first post on PH community and I couldn't help but be surprised by the size of the welcome, the love and the positive comments that I received.

This was enough to recharge my enthusiasm for steemit/hive platform.

I was really happy with great feedback by many wonderful users headed by the respected friend @crypto.piotr
I'm very grateful for this community and hope more success for it on the both chains (Steem & Hive)

Initially, the purpose of PH was to support Venezuelan users...while this is still the main goal but PH has become much bigger than that. There are now users from literally all over the word benefiting from this project and engaging with it.
It is a big family where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

I have witnessed a systematic campaign of misinformation and distortion to destroy this community by attacking some of its members but now, all PH with all its members came out stronger and more united.

Thanks @project.hope and Happy birth day to you...




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@tipu curate

31.07.2020 07:50

Thank you so much

31.07.2020 07:56

I almost have up on steemit at some point also after consistently writing good contents but no one seemed to notice but project hope changed the game and we are still here.

31.07.2020 13:03

This is the essence of our project.

01.08.2020 17:24

PH is going to more success & prosperity

Thanks for your nice comment.. I appreciate it 😊 💚

02.08.2020 09:38

Glad to still have you around @oluwatobiloba :)

03.08.2020 10:21

PH Community is great (and keeps getting better)!

02.08.2020 00:04

PH is going to more and more success

Thank you for reading 😊 💚

02.08.2020 09:28

It seems we both had the same experience back then as a Steemian but I must say Project Hope as really been a game changer for users. It's really great to have a community that supports and make users gain more hope on the steem blockchain

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

02.08.2020 04:22

I'm really looking forward to seeing what another year will bring to this great community with these great members 😊

Thank you for your nice feedback.. I appreciate it 😊 💚

02.08.2020 09:34

Check whoPH is such a fantastic and wonderful family on the blockchain prayer we have so many awesome content creators authors and teachers who are making us learn every day. I am happy that you found this place useful and stopped by to share your great content.

This family is growing and I am sure that together we will take it to the next level and will achieve many milestones.

02.08.2020 17:04

Thank you for stopping by :))

04.08.2020 05:29

Dear @qsyal

It's real pleasure to read such an encouraging and inspiring publication. Great to have you around as a part of our amazing community :)

With my relatively low rep, it is probably a bit hard to believe that I'm one of the oldest members on steemit platform...

Didn't you use bid-bots to up your reputation? :P

Have a great monday ahead buddy :)
Yours, Piotr

03.08.2020 10:19

Dear @crypto.piotr
Thanks for your nice comment and continuous support
It's real pleasure to have a great leader like you

Didn't you use bid-bots to up your reputation? :P

I used them once in the past but didn't like them so much 🤓

what is rfdax ? I've noticed that you've transfered 20 steem to this account and it got me curious.

That was to convert steem using SteemScan.com


04.08.2020 05:43

Thank you @qsyal for sharing your positive thoughts.
Keep going ;)

03.08.2020 12:41

Thanks for reading 💚

04.08.2020 05:44

Hello friend @qsyal, thanks for being here and being part of this family.

Beautiful words for this project and we appreciate that beautiful gesture. Do not have doubts that the environment created in this community makes those who approach feel very good, this is due to the respect and commitment shown for each member of the community.

I am very happy to find publications such as where the value and importance of the project are recognized.

04.08.2020 02:32

Dear @fucho80
Thanks for your nice feedback and support 💚 💞
Members like you are certainly the ones who strengthen this community and make it even greater
I am very optimistic to see what another year will bring to us

04.08.2020 06:16