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I'll start with the question:

Did you know that Tashkent medicine is deservedly the leading medicine in the former USSR?

During the Second World War, a whole flower of Soviet scientific thought in medicine was created in Tashkent.

Back in the spring of 2020, at the height of the first wave of the pandemic,
they have published scientifically correct and extremely useful information about KOVID-19 all over the world:


Tashkent, March 21, 2020
(candidate of medical sciences):

The main danger of the KOVID-19 virus is that, above all,
affects the immune system.

And only then, in another place, it affects the lung tissue.

The time lag between these two waves of attacks is exactly what we call the "incubation period".

We often use words like "strong" or "weak" immunity.
However, ordinary people practically do not know what it is.
Moreover, most doctors have very little idea about the structure of the immune system and the functionality of its individual parts.

Therefore, this text is very difficult for the uninformed reader.

I will try to explain the mechanism of influence of the KOVID-19 virus on the human body, in the simplest and most accessible way, in the form of a thesis.

80% of the entire immune system is concentrated in the mucous and submucosal layer of the small intestine in the form of lymphoid tissue and its accumulations - Peyer's patches.

Lymphoid tissue produces antibodies (T-, B-, G-, etc. lymphocytes), as well as various types of immunoglobulins.

Antibodies, through the lymphatic system, enter the lower part of the coffee vein, the heart and after passing through the pulmonary circulation
they enter the systemic circulation and spread throughout the body.

This increases the immunity of the tissue, including the own immunity of the lung tissue.

KOVID-19, mixing with food during meals, enters the intestines and begins to destroy lymphoid tissue.

As a result, the affected lymphoid tissue stops producing lymphocytes and immunoglobulins.

Thus, the immune system is destroyed and, as a result, the immunity of the tissues in the lungs is significantly and seriously weakened.

From this moment, the second wave of coronavirus attacks on the already unprotected lung tissue begins, which is manifested by severe pneumonia (pneumonia), which ends in death.

Currently, all anti-epidemic measures are aimed at preventing the coronavirus from entering the lungs,
which is in principle extremely expensive and practically inefficient.

And all therapeutic measures are aimed only at combating complications,
in the form of pneumonia.

It should be understood that KOVID-19 has been a threat for many years and decades.
What we have today is only the first wave of a pandemic.
And there will be many such waves.

At the same time, all preventive and therapeutic measures are aimed at the coronavirus localized in the lungs,
until the intestinal coronavirus is affected.

In other words, "the cart is placed in front of the horse." (Trojan Horse)

There are many natural products that do not only have bactericidal properties,
they also directly affect viruses, killing them.

The most efficient in that respect is GARLIC !!!

If you drink 2/3 cup of garlic water every day,
then he immediately enters the small intestine and starts killing KOVID -19, immediately !!!

This achieves the following effects:

  • "KILLED" KOVID-19 stops destroying the lymphoid tissue of the small intestine.
  • As a result, the lymphoid tissue continues to function properly, ie. produces antibodies and immunoglobulins;

    • Damaged immune system recovers quickly and strengthens,
      leading to a significant increase in immunity in lung tissue.
  • This creates an invincible barrier for the KOVID-19 virus, for microbes (staphylococcus, etc.), as well as for fungi, which also pose a significant danger in the case of coronavirus pneumonia.

  • Under the influence of "GARLIC WATER", a very interesting chain of events takes place in the small intestine.
  • KOVID - 19 is so weakened and "killed" by "GARLIC WATER", which is nothing but a natural vaccine,
    naturally formed within the human body.

    As you know, creating an artificial vaccine requires a super-equipped and expensive laboratory and the work of highly qualified staff.
    The work on creating an artificial vaccine takes 6-9 months,
    and industrial production is expensive and time consuming.
  • After taking "garlic water", a natural vaccine is formed in the small intestine,
    for 30-40 minutes and completely free.
  • The natural vaccine begins to actively form specific immunity against KOVIDA-19.

    Therefore, the chain of destructive pathological events in the human body, caused by KOVID-19, is broken and destroyed at the very beginning and there is no continuation.

    The body is thus in the most natural way, and at the same time in a planned way,
    fights and wins KOVID-19.

    At the same time, an urgent and stressful way of fighting the body is completely ruled out,
    and the body has time to prepare and plan to fight the virus.

    As a result, the epidemic stopped in a few days.

    Taking "garlic water",
    as an anti-epidemiological protocol, it can be applied in one day throughout the country, among the entire population.

    The basic pathogenic morphological substrate will completely disappear in one or two days.

    THE WAY OF PREPARING "WATER WITH GARLIC" is extremely simple:

    1. One (1) peeled garlic clove is cut in half in the transverse direction, placed in a porcelain teapot and filled with water at room temperature.
      This is done in the morning.
    2. By evening, the "garlic water" is ready to use.
      You must consume 2/3 cup, 3-4 hours after the last meal, at night, before bed.
    3. The next day, repeat the process of preparing "garlic water" with fresh, one clove of garlic.
    4. Continue to take garlic water for a month.

    During that time, specific immunity against KOVIDA-19 will be formed.

    Read more about the functioning of the human immune system here:

    R. M. Хаитов, Б. В. Pinegin.
    (this is the person who wrote the first or one of the first textbooks on immunology).

    PS.1. I don't know about you, but I started making garlic water (angel) (prayer_hands) (clover) (heart) (inlove)

    PS. 2. Share this message with family and friends, by groups and communities.

    And of course, only if you feel in your heart the desire and will to help, to make us all better, to make us all healthy. (happy) (clover) (prayer_hands) (heart) (angel)

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