Is the blockchain a bubble? Seven questions blockchain?

  1. The blockchain is a field change. Why do mainstream elites rarely participate?

A big change is coming, and a small number of people are doing it first, and most people don’t feel it. Then more people know more, but they can't see clearly and dare not participate. In the end, everyone understands that the formation of consensus is the national movement. When the Internet was just starting, Lenovo, Haier, and China Mobile were giants, and they looked down on the changes in the Internet, so they would miss the Internet. Now the Internet giants will ignore the power of the blockchain. Although they will also pay attention to blockchain technology, they will not revolutionize completely, which gives the latecomers an opportunity.

  1. Is the blockchain a bubble?

Blockchain is the biggest bubble in human history. The previous bubbles were regional, and the blockchain became a global speculation through the Internet. But the bubble has just begun. You know that most people around you don't have Bitcoin to enter the blockchain. Many people want to buy coins and can't find the doorway. The bubble is also a catalyst for the technological revolution. From the power development in the 1920s, the automobile industry revolution led to the Great Depression of 1929. In 1995, the Internet led the rapid expansion of the IT industry and triggered the 2000 Nasdaq bubble, but after each bubble, these industries They really change the development of this world. We can only embrace the bubble, and not participating is the biggest risk.

  1. Is the value investment suitable for the investment blockchain?

I have always been a Buffett value investor, and only investing in what you know can be successful. Buffett only buys consumer goods companies he uses, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, American Express, and insurance companies. In the Internet age, value investment or investment in consumer goods, but the consumption of young people has become Internet products such as QQ, WeChat, Taobao, Facefook, and Google. The blockchain represents the future, the most valuable products will be produced in the chain, and the consumer goods in the blockchain will also be generated, so the investment blockchain is the investment value.

  1. What is the policy supervision?

China's policy is to encourage the development of blockchain technology, and local governments have introduced policies to support the development of blockchain. However, the government does not encourage the issuance of tokens, and it is strictly forbidden to raise funds from Western Europe. Therefore, it is no problem to use the blockchain to reconstruct the business model, use the blockchain to set the application scenario of the product, and use the blockchain technology to improve the user experience.

  1. Is the blockchain Internet 2.0?

The underlying technology of the Internet is composed of 0101 digital combination, and the blockchain is built up one by one. The Internet is flat and the blockchain is multidimensional. The Internet is loose and the blockchain is stronger. The Internet transmits information and the blockchain delivers value.

The Internet changes information transfer and knowledge acquisition, and blockchain changes value delivery and pricing rules. Blockchain is not only a technological innovation, but also a reform of business logic. So the blockchain is not an upgraded version of the Internet, but a brand new chain that links everything that is worthwhile.

  1. How will the blockchain evolve in the future?

Any major technological revolution will not be smooth, and it will take a painful low tide to usher in real development. The blockchain and the Internet will not be simply repeated, but the development route can be referenced. Start with infrastructure, tools, games, entertainment, social networking, e-commerce, food and clothing, and finally combined with traditional industries. The more versatile applications currently available are standardized products and digital assets. Finance will be the first to be transformed, and non-standardized applications will take time. The core of the most important blockchain social platform is to integrate users and beneficiaries. This is inseparable. Everyone is a user and owner. The blockchain has no geographical boundaries. This is a revolution in the spontaneous organization of all human beings. It will even change and re-recognize the organizational systems, financial economy, cultural traditions, and religious beliefs that humans have formed for thousands of years.

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  1. What are the application scenarios for the blockchain?

In terms of ecological balls, the ecological ball is essentially a supercomputer based on blockchain technology, providing a point-to-point decentralized virtual machine characterized by reliable, open, transparent, unchangeable, irreversible, digital, and Used in finance, Internet of Things, medical care, equity, asset management, commodity management, credit reporting, points, notarization, big data and other industries.

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