China Tibet Travel Notes-----three day

Ranwu | Glacier on foot, first face to face with altitude sickness

Perhaps because of the winter, I especially like glaciers.

When the twelve-hour drive ended, and the Wuhu Lake and the Laigu Glacier appeared in front of me, I had the idea of ​​living here for a month.

The ancient glaciers, one of the three largest glaciers in the world, are the source of Palung Zangbo. The ice and snow melt into the Wuwu Lake. On the shade of the ridge, there are many ice tongues standing on the ground.

This is the most beautiful landscape in Tibet.

What's even more amazing is that you can wake up in such a landscape every day when you live in Songzanran Wulai Ancient Mountain Residence, which has just opened.

On one side is Renlongba, on the other side is the ancient glaciers, the cold wonderland on the plateau, and it is here.

The Renlongba Glacier, a glacier that has not yet been developed.

Compared to the ancient glaciers that were stopped by a large river, Renlongba is more intimate.

The car travels to the foot of the Renlongba Glacier and travels for about an hour on the gentle 4,200-meter plateau to reach the snow-covered area.

From here on, the hike has become more difficult: the wind is getting bigger, the road is getting slippery, and the people who are snowing can't see the foot.

About an hour later, I only wore a piece of fleece and sunscreen. I couldn’t help but lower the temperature and I could only return to the mountain.

Back in the yak tent set up by the Yamashita Hotel, a Tibetan-style barbecue is ready.

With the barbecued meat, you can eat a piece of meat after a high-energy-consuming hike. It is really a happy thing.

At the end of the day, it should be a painful sleep.

I didn't expect to start from dinner, I felt a headache, and I felt too oily to eat anything.

Going back to the room, I will vomit when I can't wait.

I thought it was cold, and I asked the front desk to know that this is a high reversal.

During the day, the high-altitude exercise is too large, and at night it stays at an altitude of 4,200 meters. The body is confused in the state of lack of oxygen for a long time.

Helping the hotel, the oxygen generator was pushed in, and the bed was inserted into the oxygen pipe.

The housekeeper said: You can have an effect in half an hour, so take a rest.

Looking at the time a little bit, repeatedly measuring the blood oxygen content, slowly rising from 89% to 98%, the eyes gradually light up, the head does not hurt, and even sleepy.

It’s already one o'clock in the morning to write a manuscript.

The original oxygen is such an important thing.

Take another breath.

I plugged in the tube again, and I felt sleepy until dawn. I never felt the spirit and I found a magical use of oxygen.

In the future, I will have an oxygen generator in my house. I will wake up in the morning and get a sip in the afternoon.

More effective than drinking coffee!

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