Blockchain development - blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0, blockchain 3.0

The blockchains 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 were proposed by the book "Blueprint for the New Economy of Blockchains." In this book, the author divides the block development phase into three phases: 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

The author believes that the technological development of blockchain can be divided into three phases:

1.0 is a currency (such as Bitcoin); 2.0 is a contract; 3.0 is a new application beyond the financial economy, especially in the areas of government, cultural health and so on.

From an application perspective, the blockchain is a secure global ledger, and all digitizable transactions are recorded through this ledger. Therefore, the concept of blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0 and blockchain 3.0 has been formed from the application level.

I. Blockchain 1.0——The era of digital currency represented by bitcoin

The application of digital currency represented by bitcoin includes the functions of money such as payment and circulation; although the problems are serious, including the volatility of prices, the deflation caused by the upper limit of the quantity, the waste of energy by mining, and the restrictions of government regulation by various countries. Wait, but it is still the most successful application of blockchain technology, and it outlines an ideal vision for the unification of global currencies.

Blockchain development - blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0, blockchain 3.0

Second, Blockchain 2.0 - an era in which digital currency represented by Ethereum is combined with smart contracts

The combination of digital currency and smart contracts to optimize the broader scenarios and processes in the financial sector; for example:

A wants to buy B's house. After telling B about the idea of ​​buying a house, B tells A that the house is still in the lease phase, and the tenant has a two-month lease, so it cannot be traded immediately. But after two months, A will be abroad, and there is no way to meet with B to handle the transfer of ownership of the house. (Things are often so clever...)

How can this single transaction be realized? After they negotiated, they decided to establish a smart contract on the transfer of real estate in Ethereum. It is stipulated that after two months, after the lease contract of the tenant is fulfilled, A will transfer the money of the house to the wallet of B, and the ownership of B. It was immediately transferred to the name of A.

The smart contract here automatically executed a contract for the sale of the house. In reality, if you want to enter into and perform a house sale contract, after A and B sign the contract offline or online, one step must be to provide the certification authority with various certification information for property transfer, and in general, this It takes a lot of days in the middle.

Among them, the parties involved in the property rights transaction and the leaser are the specific objects involved in the transaction, and the transaction behavior is the transfer of ownership of the house. The specific target is the ownership of the house.

Blockchain development - blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0, blockchain 3.0

Third, the blockchain 3.0 - the era of intelligent Internet of Things

One morning, you had breakfast and finished the last bottle of milk in the refrigerator. You entered the order for the lack of goods in the refrigerator. When you got home from work, you found that the refrigerator was full and well-equipped. Even, can you imagine that air conditioners and refrigerators discuss how to use peak power?

This is the application of the blockchain 3.0 era - the future of intelligent IoT.

The Blockchain 3.0 era goes beyond the financial sector to provide decentralized solutions for a variety of industries. The application of blockchain extends to cover all aspects of human social life in addition to the financial industry. It realizes self-certification of information in various social activities and no longer relies on a third person or institution to gain trust or establish credit. The sharing of information, including in the fields of justice, medical care, logistics, etc., blockchain technology can solve the problem of trust and improve the efficiency of the entire system.

Blockchain development - blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0, blockchain 3.0

At present, China's blockchain technology is still in the early stage. Now the technology itself has some problems. More importantly, some verification is needed on the feasibility of the project. The future is bright, and the road is tortuous. If the blockchain forms the concept of network infrastructure, the imagination space is very large, bringing great changes to the whole society, and also bringing many opportunities to individuals outside the organization. It may be an opportunity for entrepreneurs.


Blockchain world, all beings. The people and the people are really not the same thing.

Blockchain development - blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0, blockchain 3.0

Level 1: Stubborn bronze


Bronze only heard the blockchain in the news.

There is no doubt that bronze is the majority of the world. In the past year, the market value of the industry has been ten times arrogant and the volume of two trillion yuan. Despite this, there are millions of people involved.

Bronze is not divided into the industry. He may even be a white-collar worker in the central bank of Financial Street, and may be the financial elite of the CBD – even if these well-informed people, most people can't even find the industry entrance. Not to mention the three-fourth county town, the organ of drinking and playing cards.

An interesting story. In the early years, a cryptocurrency mine was smashed, went to the western province to open a mine, and talked with the local government about power access. At the beginning, they said that they had to engage in bitcoin. The officials looked at each other and shook their heads. Da Yu continued to eat cockroaches, and then painstakingly thought: I said that I am big data, er er er, that is the cloud computing and big data encouraged by the state. So I was warmly welcomed and there was no disadvantage.

Bronze does not understand the difference between Bitcoin and Q. Bronze scorned the so-called "blockchain subversion theory." Bronze does not think that a few technical geeks have drummed up the gadgets and can set off a lot of storms.

For this new thing, the strategy of bronze is clear: don't listen, don't believe, don't participate.

In the eyes of high-level people, bronze is stubborn and stubborn, and it is to be abandoned by the times. It has already stood at the entrance of the great and magnificent era. How can you still sit comfortably and leisurely?

Stubborn bronze encounters stubborn diamonds? The brain fills the picture and the scene must be very charming:

Two people came face to face, warm-hearted smile, courtesy and chilling, and passed by, then the heart screamed at each other.

Level 2: Chaotic Silver


Silver is hot and sensual, chaotic and ignorant. Silver just looks at the blockchain with a profitable eye.

Silver has made significant progress compared to bronze. Silver already knows that Bitcoin is “a decentralized distributed ledger” and the blockchain has the characteristics of “decentralized, non-tamperable, and non-traceable”.

Most of the silver knows the story of "Dutch Tulip", but if you ask about the difference between Bitcoin and Tulip, he can't say one or two.

Silver doesn't understand the difference between hot and cold wallets, and may not even have a decentralized wallet, but this does not affect their love of the blockchain. Blockchain subverts the world? This is not the real concern of silver inside - TV also says "artificial intelligence subverts the world", why are they not passionate about Alpha dogs?

The heart of silver is filled with the desire for wealth and the eagerness of red. The money-making effect is the best aphrodisiac for silver.

Silver is exposed to many ICO projects every day – 80% of them are badly crooked, and 19% are responsible liar. Despite the plain Ponzi structure, silver wants to go in: the investment is Bo silly, and the last stick is definitely not himself. Silver is just so confident.

In a market where the fish and the dragon are mixed and frantic, the emptying is unbearable: the most tragic thing is not that he lost, but that he almost won.

When someone reminds that there is a bubble in the market, silver does not agree: what is a bubble? You are not in it, it is called a bubble; you are in it, it is called the Chinese dream, the Chinese dream of real money.

Silver is a group of people who don't understand half a vinegar. Their judgment is based on the WeChat group and the small circle. Bathed in the deep thoughts of the owners, financial freedom is at your fingertips. The group’s main arm screamed, and the crowd gathered accordingly: a big Yangxian line, thousands of troops and thousands of horses to meet each other; three big Yangxian, leeks chasing high and not listening to advice...

Black humor is that there are often dog squats in the leeks group: the opinions of the masses are very important and are an important reference for the dog villagers.

Well, the reference for the reverse operation.

Level 3: Divisional Gold


Gold is a very important gear.

This is a watershed, a tipping point, a milestone, break even, a division of the old world and the new route.

Entry-level gold, read the white paper on Bitcoin, understand the principles of mining, understand "51% attack" and "half of four years", and have transferred more than five transfers.

Further gold, knowing asymmetric encryption, knowing the fork and expansion, knows the isolation testimony; he keeps a close eye on the progress of the lightning network; he understands the difference between SiaCoin and Storj.

More senior gold will top the CoinMarketCap collection, and will use the TradingView to observe the market; in the BitCoinTalk forum, he has at least one account, the level is "Jr Memeber" and above; of course, the probability is that he is in the fish pond (F2Pool) or the ant pool (AntPool) has experienced mining.

The grass snake gray line, the volatility of thousands of miles, is now a continuation of the past story. An article, a conversation, or a meal, the gold people found this new world because of the occasion, life is also different. The wind started in Qingping, and the dramatic accident was Qingping.

What is certain is that the week of the first trip, the three views of gold will be baptized and deeply baptized by this magical world. From then on, it was impossible to clean up.

At this level and above, there is no dislike for Bitcoin.

Level 4: Mature Platinum


Platinum is a group of people who have evolved significantly.

Early in the journey, Jiu Li Jianghu, Platinum is the old driver of Qiu Mingshan, the old sparrow of Dongting Lake. They have already got rid of the low-level taste of silver, and in terms of techniques, they are more old and hotter than gold. Platinum is an old bird, and their life has matured a big step.

Platinum is a group of people who are happy and nourishing: these prophets are generously rewarded by the industry. They ate the market's arrogant dividends, and they gained far more than the average wealth. There are a large number of people here who have gained financial freedom from a short time, from scratch, to the financial freedom of the 乞丐 version and even the standard version.

Platinum is a well-trained group of people. Such as trader.

This level of trader is no longer a guerrilla squad, but a well-equipped regular army: he communicates frequently with European and American dog villages. He has close ties with big cafés in the industry; he knows how to test water temperature with transaction fees and unconfirmed trading pools. He feels subtle and can smell the taste of the plate.

He can't accurately predict every K-line, but he can get a position faster than a leper – and a position in this area is enough to create a crushing retail performance.


To tell the truth, for many secondary dogs, the blockchain is the paradise market: the concept is hot, there is no regulation, there is no ups and downs, the global market, the funds continue to flow in, the leek is running into the market... and, The A shares trade 4 hours a day and are open 24 hours a day.

Like a strange plug-in, everything in this market is accelerated: here, 10% of the fluctuations are simply sideways; here, there are legends every day, there are market prices every night. Adrenaline arrogance for ten hours, to ensure that you are happy with life, play with the joy... As the saying goes, the mountain is only one day, the world has been a thousand years.

So I can understand why Platinum traders, the cats in the trading room all the time, staring at the six curved screens, all night long, reluctant to sleep, even eating a meal feels a waste of time.

Platinum traders are hardworking, smart and respectable. Not only did they do their efforts to normalize, but they also achieved single normalization. lover? Not required. How can I get that?

Keyboard and cola are the best lovers.

Level 5: Eternal Diamond


What is eternal wealth?

The green dollar is not eternal, the Nasdaq stock is not eternal, and the 70-year property house is not eternal. Extending the timeline and seeing the cycles of hundreds of years, these are not eternal...

In the eyes of diamonds: Bitcoin is eternal.

This argument is not without reason.

On November 28, 2012, Bitcoin production ushered in the first halving. According to its technical principle, with 51% of the entire network's computing power, it can break its security line and make this digital currency experiment fail. Most financial research institutions with supercomputers have the ability to achieve 51% attacks. Kill Bitcoin in the cradle.

Today, bitcoin computing has soared to astronomical figures, and no one can control 51% of the computing power of the entire network. Bitcoin does not have a distribution center. It relies entirely on P2P networks. The outside cannot close it. The price of the currency may fluctuate or even collapse. Many governments may declare it illegal, but Bitcoin and its network will not disappear. As long as the Internet is there, no one can destroy it.

Diamonds are long-lasting, and the currency is always passed on.

The currency standard is the belief of diamonds.

They will always be full of bitcoin: receive RMB or US dollars, exchange for bitcoin; if they need to consume, they will sell one coin; never hold a lot of cash...

They work hard to maintain basic living costs, minimize consumption in the inflation world, and throw everything into the deflation world: the total number of bitcoins is limited, and the coins that can be dug are getting less and less. Now one day is equal to the next hundred days. .

of course there are exceptions. In December last year, someone who went to Phuket to buy a villa and spent a hundred million as a self-reward for a year of harvest - human nature, can understand that the diamond king and the fifth, also need a warm home.

Flowers belong to diamonds, and nightmares are also. Bitcoin does not only rise or fall: it has plunged 93% in 11 years, 70% in 13 years, 86% in 14-15 years, and 66% in the end of 17 years.... It is difficult to keep money, no diamond belief, how can it persist?

After so many ups and downs, the final diamonds are few. Fortunately, this is a comedy: a person who is tough, persistent, and never gives up, and ultimately gets a return, an incredible, amazing return. Make life so wonderful, more legendary than movies.

Looking back many years later, they burst into tears.

Level 6: Extreme Star


Welcome to the high-level arena where the gods fight. Xingyao is a platinum that has eaten the devil's fruit and is a diamond that has acquired super powers.

Platinum and diamonds, in the reading market, guess the market, follow the market; and Xingyao, influencing the market, leading the market, and even creating the market.

Xingyao has already gained the wealth that has been spent for many years. The money is for them, the numbers are only. Standing at the entrance to the magnificent era, of course, do something big.

For example, Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum.

The programming ghost born in 1994, known as V God, made Ethereum the second-largest cryptocurrency by its own power. Ethereum has greatly eased the lack of expansion of Bitcoin, and Turing's complete language offers endless possibilities.
Last year's vigorous "ICO Storytelling Competition for the Dangdang Cup", most of the projects are based on Ethereum. When you want to understand this, you know that Ethereum will skyrocket like a wild horse.

For example, DFJ's Tim Draper.

The old man is a legendary investor in Silicon Valley. His investment transcript includes the names of Tesla, SpaceX, Baidu, Hotmail, and Skype. In 2014, he bought 30,000 bitcoins from the US government at a low price; then in early 2015, his brother turned to invest in Coinbase, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States.

2015 is the year that the old man puts a heavy bet and is also the year of the big bull market. The old man is staring at the blockchain, and people can't help but think about the influence of Americans on price... Three years ago, Draper predicted that Bitcoin would rise to $10,000 - the Arabian Nights at the time was now understated. It is.

For another example, Wu Jihan of Bitland.

Born in Peking University in 1986, he is building his own empire: every ten bitcoin mining machines in the world, seven are from here; every ten nets are dug in the whole network, half of which comes from here. He is at the helm of the Bit Continent, a super-printer: selling shovel and digging gold, both hands must be caught, both hands must be hard.

There are more exciting ones. Wu Jihan, who is sitting on the power killer, dominated the first hard fork of Bitcoin: it can be understood that Bitcoin was cloned and a new currency was issued. The token, called "Bitcoin Cash", has achieved a market value of $17 billion in half a year and has become an important force in the head - Wu Jihan is threatening Bitcoin.

Fear of the princes, and live in the world. Xingyao is not only a successful investor, they are beginning to build power in the blockchain ecosystem.

The players in this level have only two digits on the planet.

Level 7: The strongest king


There is only one king. The king of basketball is called Jordan, and the king of F1 is Schumacher.

There is only one name in this hierarchy: Satoshi Nakamoto.

This is a network ID. I don't know where his nationality is and his age. I don't know if he is a person or a group. I don't know if he is still alive in the world. He even has a bigger brain. He doesn't know if he is from an anarchic and orderly planet. ......

The biggest suspense in the world of blockchain is the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows who he is, where he is, what he is doing.

In the fall of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a paper, and then lived ten, ten, and hundreds of millions... Today, nine years later, Bitcoin has a market value of $160 billion and the entire market is $400 billion - a history in human history. The most expensive paper.

To this day, users of cryptocurrencies are spread all over the world, and many clever minds have become their followers. Everything in the world of blockchain, glory and dreams, vain and madness are all opened by him.

Well, this netizen has a unique position and is very reasonable.

The strongest thing about the king is that he is not important.

In April 2011, Satoshi Nakamoto left a message on the forum, "I switched to other things," and then drifted away and disappeared. Huge fame and fortune, like rocks, are unmoving and unclaimed. Like a superhero in the movie, it appears quietly, leaving a piece of earthly work, and then silently leaving.

In the ensuing time, the lost bitcoin of the leader not only did not die, but grew wildly. The controversy, doubts and disdain surrounding it have not disappeared, but this market has ignored it. It turns its gears along its own tracks and marks the traces of human history.

Decentralization is the premise of the existence of Bitcoin; decentralization, to remove the absolute leader; decentralization, then start with Satoshi Nakamoto.

All Bitcoin believers will thank, like God created the bitcoin and then disappeared. If one day, Nakamoto appeared, I would pay a high tribute to him. However, Nakamoto has no influence on the Bitcoin network. He has only the aura of "the father of Bitcoin." What does it feel like? A great mascot.

Unless he uses what he has, he has been lying there quietly, with more than 1 million bitcoins.

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