State of EOS

I am intrigued by the EOS technology, it is like a combination of Ethereum and Ripple, on the surface it seems great so I am digging deeper.

This video is somewhat critical of the current state, saying there is a lack of commitment as well as dApps along with high costs, but says in conclusion that it is still a good long term investment:

I am going through their bios boot tutorial and found that they only support Ubuntu 18... Ubuntu 20 was released in April so I see that as a worrying sign. Although I checked their github and they are still developing actively, with recent commits the previous few minutes.

So I spun up a VM with Ubuntu 18 and tried installing, however the process soon came to a standstill at the eosio.contracts, building gives warnings about an empty ricardian clause file and then hangs on linking eosio.bios.wasm, it has been trying to link for over 24 hours now...

That is my experience with EOS, what are peoples thoughts?

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