The next generation of civilization, starting from the destruction of money下一代文明,从毁灭金钱开始




















The next generation of civilization, starting from the destruction of money

The existence of money,

Distract everyone’s goals and tasks,

The entire human society cannot achieve a common goal and joint effort,

The crowds are competing and tumbling, and humans are still more evil than the jungle society of wild animals.

What's more evil than jungle society is that animals don't worry about survival, but only worry about safety. They can run and fight when encountering top animals in the food chain. In the jungle of human society, everyone can eat food from each other's mouth, can force the good into prostitution, force the tiger into prostitution, can fight each other at the top, fight at the bottom, use racism, regionalism, and nationalist groups to fight each other, and can also wipe out the population through war.

Some people say that the destruction of money may lead to slavery, or it may be a primitive collectivist society.

I don’t know that the human disaster brought about by money began with the Industrial Revolution, the enclosure movement, colonialism, World War I and World War II. Human beings have developed to the present, with such a strong production capacity, the awakened achievements of human civilization such as freedom, equality, justice, and the rule of law, will generate the next generation of human civilization and the arrival of the great contemporaries.

The current problem for human beings is the contradiction between the improvement of human productivity and the demand for purchasing power. Money is a chain around human necks and feet. Can you dance gracefully with the chains? Why not create wealth according to needs and enjoy it by human beings?

Everything is money doing blame,

If there is no benefit, who will make free contributions?

Everyone takes care of themselves in a money society, busy with their lives, and has no time to consider the entire human race!

The human behavior of the entire society cannot form a resultant force that advances toward a more civilized goal, and contentment is satisfied without going backwards.

All contradictions in human society, between nations, between various races, between nations, and between regions, are caused by human nature, that is, hierarchy and privileges.

From the above analysis, I don’t believe that if you think about it carefully, you won’t know that the achievements of human civilization are enough to make the whole human life happier! It's just that humans know, but don't follow it!

Human beings should be destroyed. Let's start with money, and then, privileges and ranks.

Rank and privilege are the things that elites miss most. In their hearts, this is the noblest and most glorious enjoyment that people can get. Can they give up so easily?

Without destruction, there will be no creation!

Design the whole world into a game, and everyone can enjoy life in the game! Exist in a more civilized game, fight for the level and privileges you deserve!

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