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Don Quixote Season 1
In front of the historical trend, what about you as an elite?

Heaven and earth are not benevolent, the people are walking dogs, want to wait for the savior to appear, impossible, look at the old guns of French movies, choose the right among everyone, be willing to be a slave, or start from everything around, have a life of dignity With.

China has political forces with grass roots. I am afraid that I am still working hard to live. I have not seen the sixth season of Boda.

Is there a grassroots hero in history? Everyone is waiting to see a joke. This is the art of performance, slowly coming, or changing immediately.

At that time, the head of the white-haired girl was very classic, and the mechanical dance was actually performed inside.

China’s economy has developed so fast. Why haven’t the benefits that were cancelled in the past have not recovered?

Why is Hong Kong fading, housing prices are so high, who is making a ghost?

In many enterprises, there is always no promised report. If people leave without paying the last month's salary, the commission will not be issued, or only 80%. I will avenge this. This is naked exploitation.

Chinese tradition has always been hardworking and wealthy. Human beings have all kinds of dreams. How can they not find a job? How can they not find food, capital is at work, does the world need money? Labor is the real value.

Need a generation to exploit a generation?

Capital advantage, relationship advantage, various advantages, that advantage is the core advantage?

Is the opportunity for the entire society equal? How to achieve common prosperity?

The well-being people always want to maintain their own advantageous advantages. The young people who have no power and no power have the opportunity. If the social class is flowing normally, they will have health. When the young people have done Podak, they have developed inevitable in pain. What...

The system is also a greedy behemoth, and will not make critical adjustments until the crisis.

Has anyone defined communism like Amitabha's Datong world?

Tangkikode Season 2

I still like the traditional middle of the ancestors.

When the countryside was surrounded by the countryside, the chairman of the poorest place today has taken care of it. Is the proletarian in the city representing the advanced culture and the most advanced class?

This is the Matrix of the Matrix, Keanu Reeves.

Most people live in the world they imagine, and they cannot distinguish social reality.
Today, I found that the line of class struggle is wrong. Today, regardless of the rich and the poor, only those who have done bad things are cleaned up.

Your family has a Chinese medicine ancestor, you don't want to learn, you have to learn Western medicine, you don't listen to your father's words, your mother's surname?

How can we not create the Hongta Mountain in the time of the Jianshi era?

Today proves that Jiangshan is my home.

Today I proved that I am a god.

Yimen Chen has the talent of the champion. Whoever says that academics will not make money is a poor ghost. Who says that the champion is unknown. You don’t know the great champion, let you know.

I can do it all, and China has some stupidity.

I want to engage in opportunistic tricks, no way!

Give me all the honest things.

Is it important to make money or create value?

China has always been focused on justice.

What about China’s wisdom and isis negotiations.

What is the isis?

Or I will represent the Sino-US negotiations.

I still choose Tang Yan from my daughter's country.

I love you earth, I hate you this cruel world, today is 520, I thought I conquered the world, I made a great speech, the world is still full of hostility, some people know my remarks, how should I spread To shock the world, learn Picasso, learn Nietzsche, learn Van Gogh, learn Foxconn, learn Liu Bannong, learn isis, in short, I must shock the world!

The Chinese Empire is still called the People’s Republic of China, representing the interest of those people, what is the Republic, what is the people, what is the empire, what is the civilization

There are several factions in China's political factions, each of which has a distinctly good mouth. What do you represent, those who have money, how many people there are, and how many people have specific lists.

Political struggle, no matter whether it is black and white, is originally a gang of gangs and hill politics.

What 996icu, all changed to a four-day, seven-hour work system, greatly increased the minimum wage.

Don Quixote Season 3
Happy families are similar, unhappy families are different, everyone has to taste it... curtain call! ! !

The fourth season of Tang's hunger and thirst, the life of my family, this story is purely fictitious, if the same is purely coincidental. take a bow.

As of today, I have not been recognized. After I was an elite, my dad played the transitional river campaign. The North Korean registration did not allow participation. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it was a public security system cadre. Later, it was a geological team worker. During the Cultural Revolution, it was a cadre of the Revolutionary Committee.
My grandmother is the Tonghailin family. It is the illegitimate daughter sent by the legendary Cixi from the palace. She was sent to Tonghai Linjia, and married the descendants of the Feng Xifan family who supported the Qing Dynasty. The jade on the official hat is evidence.
My dad is a Chuxiong Yimen Chen family with a generation, I am a generation of people, the name is Chen Shimei.

I fled with the Song Dynasty and fled to the descendants of the Bao Zheng family in Yunnan to resolve historical grievances. At that time, the princess was also studying the world of governance. After seeing the talents of Chen’s champion, he gave birth to love, and forced the Chen family to destroy the Chen family rules and then marry a wife.

Don Quixote Season 5
Tiandao reincarnation cold summer trading Chen Sheng Wu Guang Wu Sangui Chen Yuanyuan Chen Xiaocao Wu School Flower.
There are families in the first place, and there are families and countries in which the routes are intertwined.
The truth of truth, the means of truth, the means of aim, the means of aim.

The Chinese nation, nationalism, the Tang Dynasty ethnic minorities gave Han surnames, the Song Dynasty ruined the country, and the Yuan Dynasty ruled by high pressure. In Yunnan, a small number of ethnic and Han and Hui nationalities were distributed by villages and could be married and traded. The Ming Dynasty actually united the non-Han people of the Yuan Dynasty and suppressed the orthodox Chen Han regime. Zhu Yuanzhang allowed Chinese history to recognize the Yuan Dynasty. In fact, it was a traitorous country, a treason, and a hooliganism. Chen Jinnan actually studied the underworld and founded the Tiandihui Hongmen Zhi Gong Dang Zhonghua Masonic Association. The anti-Qing Fuming, and then help to clear the ocean, Chen family has a big love heart, has always been the responsibility of the world, starting from childhood, do not care about gains and losses.
Now the Chinese nation has tolerated the Mongolian and Manchu. This is the inclusiveness of the Chinese nation.
The above description is not necessarily true because of the author's shallowness.

Tonghai County, Yunnan Province, has a place name called Yang Guangzhen. As a person's evaluation of Yang Emperor Yang Guang, the specialty Yang Guang noodles, some people are now black, Yang Guangzhen has a Fengjiaying village, we are the warriors of the year.

Tonghai traditional crafts can make knife and firearms. There are Yang Lijiaying, Lijiaying, Fengjiaying, all of whom are military children. There are also national surnames in Yunnan, with, Tang, Song, Yin, and Xia. I don't know when I have it.
Chuxiong has Yao An, far away to be safe
Mouding, there are strategies to have a fixed number
Huaning China Peace Guotai Minan
Panxi Qianlong in the Yuan
Tonghai, but I will run overseas.
Yunnan is a military strategy for religious strategy
Yunnan preserves the oldest buildings due to the remoteness of the war.

Is history written by the winner? Not that it is!
It’s not not reported, it’s time to arrive.
Is the truth covered up? The truth needs one lie to cover up. There is always one that is easy to find and is a lie.

About Yang Guang Li Shimin Zhu Yuanzhang Song Jiaoren Sun Zhongshan Zhu Rongji and other celebrities see today's headlines.

Li Shimin tampered with the emperor of the history of the former dynasty.
Zhu Yuanzhang ravaged the emperor, killed the heroes, and united the foreigners to kill Chen Hanzheng, the disaster and the later Chen surname.
Qianlong Chen Shiguan's illegitimate child, loves literature and art.
Cixi, the illegitimate child, escaped from the Queen Mother and pretended not to beat the Eight-Power Allied Forces to avoid the war. If the unfilial sons and grandchildren are not able to beat the powers, they will use military expenses to repair the peace and gardens, preserve the traditional Chinese construction techniques, and declare the world that our advantage is not to make guns, to engage in architecture or to engage in art. False use of Yuan Shikai, or else the constitution of the monarch of the Qing Dynasty.
Yuan Shikai is not a loyal minister of the Qing Dynasty. He supports the constitutional monarchy and is a thief who steals the country, but it is also stealing the country for the Han people.
Song Jiaoren The founder of the Republican system, because of the shackles of learning, led to the murder of the Republic of China.
Sun Yat-sen supported the Republican system. The Qing Dynasty chose to send Japanese students to form a league in Japan. After the alliance, it was escaping to the Honolulu in the United States, and the subordinates were weak. This led to the conflict between Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Jingwei, which confuse China.
Mao Zedong supports the democratic system in which everyone is the master of the house and adopts the incorrect theory of class struggle.
Zhu Rongji canceled the welfare of the prime minister, suggesting that the prime minister who can make a false account can make a fortune, suggesting that the prime minister can make a fortune without honesty.

take a bow

How to make money in the sixth season of Tang’s hunger

The way to make money, I choose the most efficient, my time is my own.
Commitments will be honored and debts can be collected.
Family grievances, regardless of distance, can be used for debt collection.
Labor creates value and requires a fair distribution.
Heavenly rewards, you need to follow the heavens.
If you don't believe that you are rich for three generations, you must set an inheritance tax.

This is not the so-called century trial.

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