All industries only care about making money, what will it look like in the end? 各行业都只顾赚钱,最后变成什么样子?

All industries only care about making money, what will it look like in the end?
Since everyone just wanted to make more money, various industries started to work independently.

1 The school wanted to make more money, so it expanded its enrollment, turning elite education into mass education, and increasing tuition.

2 The medical system wants to make more money, so the medical expenses increase. There are three times the price difference for drugs with the same name. The most expensive ones are some unknown small pharmaceutical factories. Common colds and fevers cost hundreds of

3 The real estate industry wants to make more money, so the market is manipulated under the premise that the construction cost is basically unchanged, and the price of housing is increased. The more the price increases, the more people buy. In the past 20 years, a group of landlord class has been formed, with more properties. Thousands of sets

4 The company wants to make more money. From the lowest cost strategy, it has developed to try its best to deduct it. Calculate how much your salary performance has been deducted for so many years at work, and pay as little labor as possible and do more work. 996

5 The stingy methods of being a miser are not easy to use, and there are smart people who have used deception, snatching, Internet finance, fake gold trusts, phone fraud and formed an industry. Those who create wealth do not make money, but those who make money are making money by picking peach

6 The economy wants to develop, because everyone does not make much money, it becomes only when everyone borrows money to consume, and the economy can develop and increase its growth rate.

National production = consumption, all industries are trying to make more money, so only the industries with the lowest capacity are the least profitable, so agriculture, forestry and fish husbandry are the least profitable.

The domestic production and consumption period is full, so only foreign trade exports can make money. Now exports are shrinking, and the road is not easy.

Can this path of making money be changed? How to create more wealth? How to make everyone earn enough money? How to prevent people from losing their sense of happiness due to economic pressure?







5当守财奴的吝啬手段都不好使了,又有聪明人釆用了骗术,抢夺术, 互联网金融,假黄金信托,电话诈骗形成了产业,创造财富的不赚钱,摘桃子的赚钱





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