Spoken vs. Written Cantonese 口語 vs. 書面

I like Cantonese' spoken language.

I don't like Cantonese' written form.

"呢個點用?" (口語) ← 呢個道我明白 :>)
"How to use this?" (spoken-style) ← This way I understand.
"嗰個怎麼用?"(書面語) →嗰個道沒有顔色.我冇識嗰個道 :>(
"How to use that?" (written-style)→ That way doesn't have colour. I don't know that way.

"我想食, 郁, 仲有嚟". ←呢個道志在轉達好正!
"I want to eat, to move and also come". ← To communicate this way is fantastic!
我嗰個道唔想吃, 動定係來!(書面)
I don't want to eat, move and come that way! (written form).

今日係而家! 琴日係'琴日'...唔係'昨天'!!
Today is now! Yesterday is yesterday (kam yat)... not yesterday (zok tin)!

粗言做完 XD
Rant complete XD


"Stomache with Chinese" by chudq licensed under BY CC 2.0

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