Will men buy a kind of cold goods

For a long time, the Chinese people's ideas are relatively conservative, and the topic of "sentiment" is often very obscure. Therefore, in the beginning of the development of our country's interest industry, it has always been calm, and the business of the vast majority of sex goods stores is not very good.

But later, with the change of Chinese people's ideas and the development of e-commerce, the sale of sex goods has been promoted. In recent years, China's interest industry has gradually developed, and more people can accept it.Moreover, according to the data, in 2020, the proportion of men consuming sex goods in China is as high as 68.3%, nearly 70%. Of course, although men buy more sex goods, it doesn't mean that they are all for men.


In fact, in the current domestic sex goods market, 80% of the products are female sex products, only 20% of the products for men. Therefore, men's sex products are a big market.

In order to cater to the expanding market, more and more enterprises of sex goods want to make a lot of money, so they have to seize the market. Among them, a kind of unpopular supplies has become an important development direction of these enterprises, that is silicone doll.

Take chunshuitang as an example. It announced the mass production of silicone dolls and lowered the price to 5000 yuan for sale. The intention is obvious, that is to quickly harvest the 10 billion TPE doll Market.

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