The "full-time wife" who was rejected by President Zhang Guimei responded

Zhang Guimei, the headmaster of Huaping women's high school in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, is angry again, this time because she opposes students being full-time wives.

As the first free public high school for women in China, there are 1804 girls in Huaping high school who have gone out of poverty-stricken villages and entered universities. Recently, in an interview video, president Zhang Guimei recalled the story of a student who was unwilling to accept donations because he became a full-time wife. The remark that "I am most against being a full-time wife" in the video triggered a heated discussion on "full-time wife" on the Internet. The topic of Zhang Guimei's opposition to being a full-time wife has been read more than 530 million on Sina Weibo.

At noon on October 25, Huang Fuyan saw the news link in the group of female high school students in Huaping, "I feel like talking about me.". On the same day, she forwarded the news link to the wechat circle of friends and added a forwarding phrase - "we have personality boss".

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