The Argentine Air Force abandoned the Snapdragon and bought the Korean Golden Eagle

According to the latest report of the Argentine Clarion, due to the serious decline in the fighting power of the Argentine Air Force in recent years, and the fighters used by the Air Force are basically in a state of retirement, the Argentine government has to replace the Air Force fighters under the pressure of national defense. At present, the Argentine Ministry of National Defense is conducting a series of investigations on the three generations of machines from all over the world. At present, only the dragon fighters and the Golden Eagle fighters in South Korea are able to enter Argentina. However, after repeated comparisons with the Argentine Defense Ministry, Argentina chose South Korea's Golden Eagle fighters, and Argentina is preparing to sign a Golden Eagle fighter purchase contract with South Korea.

According to the information disclosed by the Argentine Defense Ministry, the Argentine side chose South Korea's Golden Eagle fighter because the Golden Eagle fighters evolved through the F16 fighters, and the Argentine side also favored Western fighters. Not only that, Argentina has two main factors in choosing the Golden Eagle. That is because the price of the dragon fighter is too expensive compared to the Golden Eagle, and the maintenance cost of the Dragon fighter is much more troublesome than the Golden Eagle. Therefore, this prompted Argentina to choose the Golden Eagle fighter in South Korea. From the current public data analysis, the Golden Eagle fighters in Korea are at least several times weaker than the Dragon Warplanes in terms of performance, because the Golden Eagle fighter's air hovering ability and ultimate climbing ability are relatively poor, and the Golden Eagle fighter. The avionics system and the weapon system are also very backward, so the Golden Eagle fighter is basically incomparable compared with the dragon fighter.

Although the dragon fighter is a cabbage price for some economic powers, the price of the dragon fighter is still very expensive for the poor country Argentina. Even the price of the dragon fighter has exceeded the carrying capacity of the Argentine government. From the economic situation, it is difficult for Argentina to bear the price of the dragon fighter. Not only that, from the current national conditions of Argentina, the number of Argentine Air Force fighters taking off is very small, and it is only used for welcoming and air defense missions. Therefore, even if Argentina purchases advanced Snapdragon fighters, it is basically useless.

Some military experts pointed out that although the Dragon Fighter lost the Argentine Air Force's order, the Dragon Warrior is still a third-generation aircraft with advanced performance, and it is still much more advanced than the Golden Eagle fighter in South Korea, not to mention the current Dragon Fighter. The Block3 improvement is still being upgraded, so the status of the Dragon fighter is still very high in the third generation. It is worth noting that although the dragon fighter did not receive an order from Argentina, the fighter is still popular among some small and medium-sized countries, so the dragon fighter has a large market in the international market.

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