Taliban armed forces counterattack, Afghan air force base attacked

According to the latest report from the Bachtar news agency in Afghanistan, the Afghan special forces killed the Taliban armed forces and directly provoked the violent retaliation of the Taliban militants. A few days ago, the Taliban militant attacked the Afghan air force base in the vicinity of Helmand province. During the attack on the Afghan air base, the Taliban armed forces used a large number of mortars and rockets to the Afghan air base. The ammunition depot was violently bombarded with an oil depot, and then the air force base exploded with a chain reaction. Afterwards, Afghanistan immediately dispatched a large number of firefighting troops to the incident and immediately took emergency rescue measures. After more than an hour of firefighting rescue, the fire at the air base was extinguished.

What the Afghan government did not expect, however, was that the Taliban forces did not immediately evacuate the area after attacking the air base, and the civilians who made up the area were hidden in the homes of these civilians. When a commander of the Afghan government army inspected the civilian area, he was suddenly hit by six Taliban militants who had attacked the air base. The commander and two guards were killed on the spot. According to statistics from the Afghan government forces, the six Taliban militants attacked the air base and killed 11 soldiers. If the commanders and guards of the inspection work are counted, the death toll of the Afghan government forces has reached 14 .

The six Taliban militants were successfully wiped out by the Afghan government forces because of the hidden ground exposed by the six Taliban militants in the attack on the commanders. However, when these Taliban militants were wiped out by the Afghan government forces, the Taliban armed forces issued a warning directly to Afghanistan and said they would once again retaliate against several military bases in Afghanistan. In the face of the frequent Taliban militants, the Afghan government has not yet responded to the Taliban militants, merely ordering additional vigilance around the various military bases to prevent further Taliban attacks.

Some military experts said that the Taliban armed forces frequently attacked the Afghan military bases not only because the former Taliban armed commanders were killed, but also because the United States has been slow to withdraw from Afghanistan. Although the United States has repeatedly negotiated with the Taliban militants, the attitude shown by the United States is very perfunctory. Therefore, the Taliban armed forces will use the sneak attack on the Afghan military base to force the United States to submit, even though Afghanistan has withdrawn its troops.

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