At the time of the friction between Japan and South Korea, the United States is openly slashing and demanding a five-fold increase in protection fees

According to the latest report of Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, since the friction between South Korea and Japan in terms of trade exports, South Korea has begun to unilaterally abolish the Japan-Korea Military Protection Agreement. However, just as South Korea is preparing to abolish the "Military Protection Agreement," the United States has taken the initiative to act as a peacemaker between Japan and South Korea. However, although the United States is based on improving relations between Japan and South Korea, the United States President’s National Security The assistant Bolton did not try to improve the dispute between Japan and South Korea. Not only that, but Bolton also negotiated on behalf of the United States and Japan, claiming that Japan should bear more of the daily expenses of the US troops stationed in Japan, or about five times on the original basis.

Judging from the news disclosed by Japan, Japan provides about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in daily expenses for the US military stationed in Japan every year. The U.S. demands that Japan increase five times on the original basis, which will undoubtedly exceed Japan’s budget. However, in the face of the US lion's big opening, the Japanese government can only be helpless. Japanese military experts said that the United States is extorting Japan during the friction between Japan and South Korea. It is likely to threaten Japan. If Japan does not increase the spending of US troops stationed in Japan, then the United States will not come to Japan to resolve the conflict between Japan and South Korea, but if Japan In response to the demands of the United States, Japan will face a heavy economic burden and will also have an impact on Japan’s military development.

At present, when Bolton made this request to Japan, the Japanese government did not immediately respond to the United States, just taking a wait-and-see attitude. At the same time, after Japan was ravaged by the United States, South Korea also ushered in the newly appointed US Secretary of Defense Espoo. Similarly, Esper, starting with the alliance, began to ask South Korea for protection fees. Strengthen military cooperation between the United States and South Korea in the Asia-Pacific region. Although South Korea knows that the United States will increase protection fees, the United States demands an increase of $5 billion on the original basis, and this requirement of the United States directly caused opposition from high-level officials in South Korea. However, the US side said that if South Korea does not agree with this proposal, the military alliance between South Korea and the United States will also burst.

Some military experts pointed out that in the face of the blatant threat of the United States, Japan and South Korea also have to bow to the United States. After all, the United States chose to slap the knife in the back period so that Japan and South Korea could not refuse. If Japan and South Korea reject the US proposal, then the weapons and equipment upgrades and arms sales of Japan and South Korea are likely to be restricted by the United States. By then, Japan and South Korea can be said to be really dilemma.

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