Afghan security forces dispatched drones and successfully eliminated 10 Taliban fighters

According to the latest report from the Bachtar news agency in Afghanistan, after the defeat of the Taliban armed forces in the eastern part of Lagman, a number of militants disguised as poor people fled the encirclement of the Afghan security forces. However, as many Taliban attacks have been devastated, the Taliban militants have again dispatched 10 experienced Taliban militants in order to retaliate against the Afghan government and prepare for the Bazji in Badghis. Deputy Governor of the State carried out an assassination to protest against the Afghan government. However, when the Taliban armed forces launched a sneak attack, they were immediately discovered by the Afghan security forces' drones. The drones then fired missiles at 10 Taliban fighters. The 10 Taliban forces were all killed in the attack of drones.

According to the commander of the Afghan security forces, the 10 Taliban armed forces ambushed in advance at the Badghis provincial government in order to assassinate the deputy governor of Bazgis, and prepared a number of strong explosives around the government. vehicle. When the 10 Taliban forces began their attacks, they were discovered by UAVs patrolling by Afghan security forces, and the drone immediately attacked militants attacking the Badghis provincial government. Because the Taliban militants are scattered, it is difficult for the missiles carried on the drone to destroy the Taliban militants at the same time. Only a few armed elements can be monitored. It was not until a large number of security forces arrived at the scene of the incident that several Taliban militants were wiped out and the vehicles carrying the explosives were successfully dismantled.

At present, because the Afghan security forces have once again successfully destroyed the assassination of Taliban militants, the Taliban armed commanders also issued serious warnings to the Afghan side and said they would no longer accept reconciliation with Afghanistan. In the face of the strong response of the Taliban militants, the Afghan side has not yet responded, just ordered to strengthen the patrol alert to prevent the Taliban armed forces from launching a sneak attack on the provincial government of Badghis. In addition, the Afghan side said that in just three days, the Taliban militants have launched no fewer than six attacks on the three provinces of Afghanistan. At the same time, the number of Afghan security forces has reached more than 30 casualties. This is undoubtedly the Taliban armed forces sent to the Afghan government. provocative.

Some military experts pointed out that although the Afghan security forces have repeatedly slammed the Taliban militants, each time the Afghan security forces have different levels of casualties, and from the current attitude of the Taliban armed forces, it is very likely that the Afghan security forces base and government resident will be attacked. It will happen again, so this is undoubtedly a huge threat to Afghanistan. What's more, the US military is now withdrawing from Afghanistan, so the future conflict between Afghanistan and the Taliban will be more frequent.

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