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Writing changes the mind of the poor

There is a paragraph on the Internet: I just went to work because of poverty, but after working, I am even poorer. In the end, which part of the problem is wrong? Is it that someone earns a middle price difference?
Don't just look down on the road, but also look up and see if the direction is correct.
There are reasons for getting poorer and poorer. Only by analyzing the reasons clearly can we find a solution to the problem.
There is no doubt that self-reflection, objective analysis is an effective way to solve problems.
The most difficult quality of people is self-examination. Confucius said that the three provinces are daily. Through introspection, we can find out which environment has doubts and which links can be improved. What are the preconditions for our investment strategy?
If you want to think about it, you must first change the thinking of the poor.
Don't just look at other people's works every day, look at other people's excellent works, although it feels very cool, but there is no thinking, no effort, no entanglement in creation.
This kind of pure consumption belongs to the bottom of the ecological chain, and it is difficult to obtain high returns.
Writing is a process of learning and thinking. Only after thinking and reflecting can we achieve the purpose of reflection. Life without reflection is not worth living. We also organized a group of daily reflections, reflecting no less than 300 words every day. There were a lot of people signing up, but there weren't many people who insisted on it. It is not easy to insist on reflection.
In the rethinking of the group's unfinished business, I did not expect that the currency was completed. In the currency, I insisted on daily learning and thinking, or what I wrote every day.
Writing is undoubtedly a kind of rich thinking. In the past, I envied those who exported the chapters. I thought they were talented. After the writing, they knew that they all had such a lot of writing through a lot of deliberate practice.
No matter what genius in the world, without a lot of practice and hard work, there can be no impressive achievements, let alone ordinary people.
Friends at steemit, call on you to start writing and develop a way of thinking for the rich.

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