The second round of BNX sale is coming

2 round.pngOur team is glad to announce the second OTC sale of our internal BNX token. The first round was over very quickly and not all of you had time to purchase BNX coins. We have received tons of emails with the request to repeat the token sale. So, we’re going to grant your wishes and give you the second chance to acquire BNX tokens. Don’t miss an opportunity this time!

BNX tokens provide holders with a wide range of benefits and privileges, such as paying trading fees with 50% discount, participation in various competitions and lotteries, access to unique IEO and airdrop campaigns, buying tickets to exclusive conferences and blockchain events, and many others.

The OTC sale starts on October 15th at 4 P.M. (Tokyo time) with an initial price of 1.2 USD. Meanwhile, the market price is about 2.4 USD, so it's a good chance to build-up a bull strategy portfolio. OTC tokens will be frozen and then going to be gradually released within a schedule on our platform.

Are you a BTCNEXT Angel trader? We’ll launch the OTC sale earlier for you - be ready to add BNX coins to your wallet on October 14th at 4 P.M. (Tokyo time)!

If you’re not the Angel trader, lighten up! Buy the required amount of BNX tokens through OTC and get an appropriate status (DIAMOND, GOLD, SILVER or Mini-Angel trader). You’ll receive a number of benefits: more BNX tokens, additional discounts on commission fees, high chances to win in competitions and lotteries, and many other things. Hurry up, become the Angel trader, and use numerous perks!

Moreover, we have a special bonus! Double your unlocked BNX coins by transferring them to our OTC platform!
Holding BNX tokens makes your trading activities on BTCNEXT smoother and gives you a wide range of advantages. Enjoy them and open yourself for a new experience!


BTCNEXT is Japanese-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, developed by Q DAO Platinum Engineering, which has also brought USDQ and KRWQ stablecoins to the market, looking to edge together innovative solutions in collateralization. Overall, BTCNEXT offers a big variety of tokens, including many largest cap currencies, the most popular ERC20 tokens, and many stablecoins. It’s designed to make the trading experience as easy and effective as possible.

To learn more about BTCNEXT, visit the exchange’s official website and follow it on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn.

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