The Noah Project team creates a 30-year economic plan for the sustainable growth of the ecosystem

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The Noah Project has created a robust 30-year economic model after thorough consultations with economists at Stanford University. This model will power the sustainable growth of the Noah ecosystem which is set to provide great returns to community members.

The new economic model derives from the work of eminent economists and Nobel prize winners Milton Friedman, Alvin E. Roth, Bengt Holmström, Oliver E. Williamson, John Harsanyi, Michael Spence, and Vernon L. Smith. The team consulted expert economists and spent six months in finalizing the economic model for the financial growth of the Noah ecosystem.

The Noah Project has already announced the token swap, wherein old Noah coins can be swapped with the new NOAH.Platinum tokens. In the token swap, 88 billion coins will be swapped and distributed to token holders. The last date for the token swap was set on 30th September 2019, by which time holders of old NOAH coins have deposited their coins at BTCNEXT digital assets exchange.

However, if you have not yet deposited your old coins to BTCNEXT, you need to contact the Noah team as soon as possible, for a chance to swap the old tokens that will soon become worthless as the entire ecosystem shift to a new faster and more secure blockchain.

The success of the Noah ecosystem is based on the active participation of the maximum number of community members and we want all of you to get the benefits of this ecosystem. So we request you to get your tokens swapped as soon as possible.

The new NOAH.platinum coins are different from the old ERC-20 compliant NOAH coins. The new coins are on the new NOAH blockchain developed by our technology and strategy partner Platinum Q DAO Engineering and will have far more features and functionalities that are required for the growing Noah ecosystem, and to benefit coin holders with rewards, incentives as well as profits.

To know more about how you can still swap your old tokens with the new ones, if you haven’t done it already, please talk to our admins on our community chats.

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