QMATRIX by Platinum Q DAO Engineering: Earn Crypto By Becoming A Sponsor

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Companies that are being a part of the crypto ecosystem must be completely in touch with what is going on, not just with the crypto market but with the new trends in marketing and sales. These relatively young companies are looking to push their services to more mainstream audiences. With this in mind, there should be a way for these players to effectively market and engage directly with users as well as consumers. This is why the case for building community support around a crypto product received so much attention back in 2017 and 2018.

Now, with 2019 almost out of the way, building a community and engaging directly with users continues to be as relevant, if not more, than ever before.

Building community engagement using direct selling.

For Platinum Q DAO Engineering, an international STO/ IEO/ ICO consulting, promotion and fundraising company, the best channel to achieve this is enlisting direct sales consultants who will engage in direct selling within their own social circles. This is a concept that top global brands and even smaller, entrepreneurial companies are using as a new kind of channel to market their products and services to consumers.

In fact, this channel, referred to as “Direct Selling” has grown into a global industry of $192,949 (USD millions) and could potentially become the next big trend for companies to reach consumers at home, work, online, or any other non-store locations.

How does this fit with cryptocurrency companies such as Platinum Q DAO Engineering? For the young company, this ties up with an important market segment for the industry. The Asian Pacific market alone makes up around 46% of the global regional sales resulting from direct selling. This analysis has led to the creation of QMATRIX.

QMATRIX Program represents a new way of engaging with crypto.

Using a combination of direct selling and affiliate marketing, QMATRIX is a new program for individuals that are looking to build an affiliate network and earn from it by selling QMATRIX Packages and obtain rewards in the form of Q DAO coins, the native cryptocurrency token from the Q DAO ecosystem. The Q DAO coin includes a market of more than 1600 holders, more than 1400 BTC locked as collateral, which backs more than $5,5 (USD millions) in the native stable token called USDQ and close to an additional $1 (USD million) in the native stable asset called KRWQ. These stable currencies are pegged to the price of the US Dollar and the South Korean Won, respectively.

Participants can sign up to become a part of a larger affiliate network to earn cryptocurrency constantly on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. The program offers a solution to people that invest in cryptocurrency and want to have the ability to cash-out without being forced to convert their entire investment into fiat. The program relies on the Q DAO community which has around 40K active members.

Each member only has to find two friends to refer and allow them to also add another two friends each to the QMATRIX program. The qualifying action includes buying QMATRIX Packages which, in turn, need to be sold to two friends. These friends must also repeat this action. When completed the original participant, a Direct Sales Consultant or a QMATRIX Sponsor receives a reward.

There are three package levels - Starter, Premium, or Luxury. The costs vary between 15, 40, and up to 100 Q DAO respectively, and participants can buy one or all three of them. Depending on the packs and levels bought each QMATRIX Sponsor will have a chance to receive a larger payout including a reinvestment that will stem from their own network buying additional packages.

Creating a network of affiliates that sponsor a project can truly become a helpful way for a company to boost awareness of its projects, however, it’s only when there is an underlying and functional product that solves a real-life need, only then this type of campaign will become effective and sustainable. Platinum Q DAO Engineering is leveraging its main existing product which is the Q DAO system of stable coins pegged to the value of fiat currencies and fully backed by Bitcoin deposits.

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