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Q DAO holders get the opportunity to receive a special bonus


Traders must pay different fees when they buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the trading platforms. As a result, the overall cost of their transactions significantly grows. The fees vary between cryptocurrency exchanges, and users spend a lot of time to find the platform with the most suitable commissions.
That’s why traders shouldn’t miss an important announcement of Platinum Q DAO Engineering, a leading listing provider and a developer of the Q DAO ecosystem. The company is going to conduct a campaign that will not only save users’ money when trading digital currency but also considerably increase their profit.
The Platinum Q DAO Engineering team offers Q DAO holders to transfer their USDQ and Q DAO tokens from other exchanges to BTCNEXT and receive a 1% bonus. Moreover, traders will get access to lower transaction fees and a bonus system for loyal customers.
The next generation spot and margin-trading platform BTCNEXT was launched to meet the demands of both beginners and professional traders. The exchange has the most friendly and responsive 24/7 support service and multilevel security system. To reward the most active users, the BTCNEXT specialists developed the angel trader system of privileges and other benefits.
Recall that Q DAO is an internal and governance token of the Q DAO ecosystem. The Q DAO tokens give the holders voting rights to make important decisions on the ecosystem development and changes. In addition, users obtain access to fully decentralized stablecoins backed by BTC as collateral and pegged to national currencies. At present, two stablecoins, USDQ and KRWQ, are available.
How to join the campaign and receive the 1% bonus? There is a very simple and clear procedure:

  1. Withdraw your Q DAO and USDQ tokens from any exchange to the BTCNEXT wallet.
  2. Make a screenshot to confirm that you’ve withdrawn your Q DAO and USDQ tokens from any exchange.
  3. Make another screenshot in the BTCNEXT wallet to show that you have deposited your Q DAO and USDQ tokens.
  4. Then send these two screenshots to The Q DAO team will check them and add you to the list of the campaign participants.
  5. The campaign participants will be required to hold their Q DAO and USDQ tokens for 2 months on BTCNEXT exchange.
    Also, these rules only apply to the Q DAO and USDQ tokens, not any other coins.
    Transferring the Q DAO and USDQ tokens to BTCNEXT is a great opportunity for Q DAO holders to earn more money, as well as saving their time instead of looking for exchanges with low commissions and favorable terms.
    Taking into account that the Q DAO team is aimed at making BTCNEXT more popular and attract new members and traders transfer Q DAO and USDQ from other exchanges, this has an impact on the price of the tokens on these platforms and on the Coinmarketcap rating. Therefore, please check the token price on CoinGecko to get precise data.
    About BTCNEXT
    BTCNEXT is a next-generation spot and margin trading platform developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering. The exchange is designed for beginners and delivered by experts. In order to protect investors’ funds, BTCNEXT developers have implemented more than 300 security measures that secure funds on every step of the trading process.
    To learn more about BTCNEXT, visit its official website and follow it on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Medium, and LinkedIn.

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