Xiaomi mijia light LED table lamp use machine

Xiaomi mijia light LED table lamp use machine

I sought Xiaomi LED desk lamp around February this year and am using so far.

It's not an e-light stand you've come to think of, but it's a product without the iot function that the micro USB can enter.

I purchased the product because it is connected to the USB port instead of the dedicated adapter.

The official name is Yeelight LED Desk Lamp.

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Others say they have batteries, but I'm a model without batteries. Model is well broken, please read the description and buy!


The flexible neck allows you to use it at various angles

  • It's made of silicone, so it's easy to carry around.

The design is minimal

The color temperature range is larger than you think.

You can also turn on the light from an external battery.

The amount of light is enough.

When it is turned on, it turns on smoothly to prevent blindness.

Contaminated silicone and plastics are easily removed by alcohol swap.

Silicon touch is good.


There is no built-in battery.

It is inconvenient because there is no mark on the button and it can be touched by hands.

The brightness and color temperature are adjusted in five steps, but it is not known what stage it is.

There is no iot function.

Bundled USB cable quality is poor.

I do not give an adapter

The pedestal is vulnerable to contamination.

It won't smooth off.

USB plug backwards? (There are many such products in China)

It's my first time to use it, but if you're intelligent, welcome!

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