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I have been living in Japan many times, all in summer.

It was summer every time I had a chance to go to the coincidence, not to go to the summer in the wild.

It was almost from August to September, but you know, it is really Africa.

So I thought I would rather go earlier, so I went to Japan together with my girlfriend in June to get a vacation at the same time.

I am in Africa in June. I have been wearing linen jacket in the evening to prepare for the cold, but I get wet with sweat in an instant.

My girlfriend is a Japanese, and she lives with me in Korea.

My girlfriend finally went to my girlfriend 's house as soon as I arrived at her parents seven months ago.

The house was a single-family house located in Otowa-ku, Tokyo.

Fortunately, there is nobody in the house, so I have a little air conditioning and go to the shop where my mother is running.

I'm in a luxury shop, I was really nervous.

I am the parents of my girlfriend who is thinking about marriage,

This is the worst thing to do if you say rudely and rudely ... You have to be a tattoo on your arm.

I was worried that my girlfriend was an extraordinary one,

Somehow I think I got a good evaluation (?).

My girlfriend tells me to go to greet her father at another store and say hello.

I greet you first and rest for a while in the cafe, and later I hear from my girlfriend that my mother is the first to praise her boyfriend.

Fortunately, I think I blame myself for being dressed neatly.

I received the Armani T-shirt as a gift and gave me a bag for my mother to give it to me. (I brought Kimi powder and Kim ..)

And my girlfriend brought me a bag with a ridiculous logic that I could bring it to my parents.

And, while traveling, I am amazed at the fun ...

 ? Why does not my father meet and ignore? You can say

 My mother is in her late 50s and my father is in her late 80s.

Besides, I have recently been injured by an accident and have no problems with my daily life

 It is often said that you imagine what you imagine because you have the same delusion.


I thought it was better to say it, but for the sake of explanation of the situation, it is from the washed hands (because of it,

In the present situation, I thought that it would be better to not be honest.

So I finished it because I will be able to speak more rudely after a little more studying Japanese.

Day 1

Anyway, the first day was so nervous that I could not take a picture, so I took some pictures in the evening.

I used to go alone on my previous trip,

This time, there are many people to meet, so I went on a trip together, so I was not able to take pictures quite well.

On the first evening, we ate lightly and went to Shinjuku water cigarette bar. In Japanese, it is called mizu (water) tobacco.

I am a smoker originally, and I have all kinds of tobacco, electronic cigarette, ice cream,

My girlfriend started dating me and opened my electronic cigarette (Municotine) and now I am more of an electronic cigarette fan than me.

So I went to the water cigarette bar in the evening.

Once I demonstrated it, it was more mundane than I expected. Is it actually a little strange experience?

It was a little funny when I was inhaling.

The oddity is that the percentage of women inside is higher. About 7: 3?

The price seemed to be about 3.5 Korean money by 2 bottles of water cigarettes + 2 bottles of Smilov.

Day 2

Day 2 got up at 7 in the morning and got ready to go to Disneyland at 8 o'clock.

It is a double date. The other party is a South Korean woman.

I am an old Japanese friend. It took me a few hours to drive from Ibaraki.

As soon as we see each other, they are welcomed.

It was strange that you could buy tickets at Seven-Eleven. It costs about 70,000 Korean won.
Even though it was a weekday morning, a man ignored him.

And it is too wide. I tried to dress up as a roper, but I felt that my feet were getting touched so much that I was getting taller.

I had to walk 3 o'clock in the morning.

Are the attractions a little baby? It seems to be the standard. It's more like a Disney character castle than a baby standard.

Just like the domestic Lotte World, there is no such thing as scary.

In the evening, I ate an all-you-can-eat buffet at the Crystal Palace inside.

I entered the house at 10:00 am and went to the closet at 10:00 pm and came out.

I have used the booking system all the time except for the children only.

Day 3

The third day goes to Akihabara at the same time as the weather.

This day also goes to see a Japanese acquaintance. I, my friend and three girlfriends, go to the famous Kyukatsu house in Akihabara.

The inside is very narrow. 3 tables for 2 persons and 5 counter seats.

I thought it was early in the morning and there was not much to see outside.

But it was not. It was underground, so people were on the stairs.

I wanted to wait for 20 minutes. I was waiting for the umbrella to rain outside.

I entered the restaurant 20 minutes after exactly one hour.

Gyakatsu finally came into the restaurant.

I have never been to Kyushu after I was born.

I wanted to be like a pork cutlet in my heart, but I saw a new world of taste on this day.

So far, what I ate was not food. You're not waiting in line.

I went to Disneyland yesterday and I feel pain in my legs.

There is this stone plate in front of each place.

Here you can enjoy a little baked Kyukatsu, it is delicious even if you eat it.

There are about three kinds of sauces.

Especially here is wasabi. Do not you usually just think about eating wasabi?

Here, the wasabi is different. I ate the wasabi when I ate the meat.

My Japanese friend next to me said, "Wow ... this is wasabi crazy for the first time."

My favorite dish ever was Tsukemon (Japanese style food if you like it).

This opportunity has changed ....

Next, look around the electronics store and figure shop in Akihabara.

Take a taxi to Asakusa. It is close to 5,000 won in Korea, but it is 10,000 won here.

It is the first time that Asakusa is a girlfriend or a Japanese friend.

It was a feeling of sightseeing.

But this is a sightseeing spot. A little jokingly, except for the shopkeepers, everyone is writing their own language, not Japanese.

I saw the paper fortune telling, but I did not know that the paper fortune was able to draw and draw money?

There is a hole in the coin.

I still have to put it in.

I have bundled.

Throw a coin to hear it, make a wish, smell it,

Japanese friends came with a special notebook. In these shrines there is a place to take photographs,

If you go to the shrine like a collection, I am going to take a picture of the shrine. I already have some pictures.

I wanted to be a good hobby if I lived in Japan.

It is a dumpling which often appears in Japanese comics.

It looks big in picture, but it is really small.

The taste is small - small

Since then, I went to Dora Yaku (that's what Doraemon likes), and I was standing here for 30 minutes ...

Dora's house next to me is flying in Paris, but I honestly think that's what it is. But everyone wants to eat in line.

As for Julson, I just did the taste.

I eat dorayaki and go to the hotel to have a break and to have a rest at the hotel.

Approximately 15,000 won worth of denomination.

The sword itself is not surprising because it is eaten in Korea

I was afraid because I had never eaten a tongue separately from it, but it was plain and delicious.

Then go to the game center and play some games.

I made reservations for Izakaya, which I had visited before going to the Gyotan house, and I am going to the bar.

Once inside, it is dirty. It's really cool.

The theme of Izakaya is the 20th century theme of bubble economy era.

The atmosphere itself was good.

One of the characteristics of Japanese Izakaya One of the main dishes that Japanese do not order is to pay for it.

I think it's worth about 5,000 won, but it's different from Izakaya.

This house makes a big slice of cabbage.

You can eat it by spraying on the bottom of the picture on the left side of the picture. I added 100% drug substance here.

No, I can not really taste it, even though it's just cabbage.

And culture culture will inform one. I do not know if this is the only store, but do you see the black sauce on the left?

It is a pork cutlet sauce.

Here, the menu itself is a bit like a night market in Korea, a bar, but quantities sell a lot of menus.

It was called ham kats, so I made ham made like a pork cutlet.

But on the left side, it's a dip in the sauce. But that does not change every guest,

I do not see the picture, but I have a note attached. Use only once per side dish.

Yes ... I will write it back. In other words, I do not know who my table is ...

I think I am replacing it periodically, but I do not know why.

Day 4

Day 4 checked out the hotel and played out

I think it's the last day so I do not have time to take pictures.

Thanks for reading.

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