Toyo Tommy Window Air Conditioner Review (TIW-KR20)

Toyo Tommy Window Air Conditioner Review (TIW-KR20)

I already have a stand in the living room, but in my room with a fan.

I found the window type rather than knowing the wall hangings hard to hang.

Nowadays, Paceco is popular. I bought this because I do not like the name.

Although it is felt in model name, it is a Korean model and uses 220v instead of 110v.


I do not know how to assemble it .. lol. So what should I do with this .. It was easier than I thought when I was troubled.

There is a wooden frame, which is fastened with upper / lower pieces. End!


Last year .. I failed to do a few things such as circulators, and I found it to be a noise-sensitive style, but I can use it as a powerful model. I do not have any problems when I sleep.


My room is not big, but it is still cool enough (like a bourgeois air conditioner and cushion)


The price is expensive .. (I bought 80 unopened in the used country)

There will be enough

Advantages include

Quiet (personal differences)

The remote control is in English.


Easy to install.

It seems to be this.

It is recommended if you are considering Toyotomi ... (the name is not really much).

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