TM AC-1900 merline firmware update shovel

TM AC-1900 merline firmware update shovel

During the vacation period, the Merlin Firm has been uploaded and shared with the TM AC-1900.

This is my second time to pump up to Merlin (old)-> Merlin (new)
The first firmup proceeded by following the page found through Googleling and succeeding.
(Unload the firmware, go into SSH and run mtd_write.)

I can skip the above process when I'm on vacation, I went into recovery mode and uploaded a new firm,
It failed, and later boot and router did not work properly.

Somehow, I initialized the NVRAM and returned the firmware,
When you enter the router's configuration page (, it looks like the page is loading,
(You can see the router page title in the browser tab, and it appears to receive data from in the bottom status window.)
The page did not come up.

Shoveling till dawn, is it too slow? Eventually, I left it as it was, and when I woke up and checked it,

A lot of shoveling was done in the middle, but the description was omitted, and the problem was AdGuard. Since the router is in a reset state, you cannot connect to the Internet.
If you enter, AdGuard will try to connect externally to verify your ad and malicious site, and the page will stop loading.

I accidentally turned off AdGuard, and the router's initial configuration page popped up very well. The firmware has been completed with AdGuard turned off and ignored.

If you look at TM-AC-1900 related search terms, there are some people who disassembled the router which became a brick and initialized it by connecting UART.
I bought an item from Ali before I confirmed it was an AdGuard problem, so I ordered it.

I wonder if there are people who are shoveling for a similar problem.

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