Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3

In Japan, the distributor is on the head of the manufacturer. The sales strategy of large distributors is ignored by the manufacturer. So the WF-1000XM3 also started selling at Big Camera on July 12th, a day earlier than official manufacturer's release date (July 13th). I was picking that up right that day and I was going to write a review on that day, but I have to write a testimonial for you.

  1. Portability
    I always carry a small bag, so the case size of 2.3 air pod size was not a problem. I compare the size of the air pod and the size of the product that noise cancellation is in the beginning ... I think that it is small enough considering that there are two microphones and a dedicated processor per unit. When compared to the days when I was wearing a chewing gum bag like a QC20 ...
  2. Battery
    The case is able to charge the body 3 times, so it can be used for 24 hours in total. I can use it for 24 hours. I can use it for over a week. My battery is very satisfactory. If I do not have a battery for 6 hours, I can get on a plane when I go home. It is impossible to use earphone for 6 hours continuously. There was no work.

Somewhat unfortunate is that the case does not have wireless charging capability. I am overcome by using a magnetic cable.

  1. Sound
    I remember that the first generation also used a 6mm driver, but the sound has improved two more times. At that time, I definitely had a lack of treble expression, but now I have matured not only treble but also bass. I thought that there was no way but BA to hear the first generation sound and complement the treble, but Sony just finished this with a single driver.

The voices are almost the same as the latest sony acoustic guitars, giving a slightly irritating bass and treble. However, since there is no masking phenomenon due to bass, it gives a good sound just to hear a song. Since it is not overly boosted by any part, any song can be heard just right. Hip-hop does not have hip-hop, acoustic, or band-appropriate songs.

I do not like EQ because I do not like it, but I can set the EQ including the clear base in the connected app, Headphones.

The DSEE HX is a battery-powered device, which is primarily used to assist parts other than audible frequencies.

  1. Noise cancellation
    Sony has suddenly pulled out of the WH-1000X series suddenly the performance of the no-cans, and in the second generation, with the development of a dedicated processor, the boss was overturned. After that, Sony got into the third generation, but it seemed that the boss still does not have the right product.

The WF-1000XM3 is equipped with QN1e, which is a miniaturized version of QN1, a dedicated processor mounted on WH. It is the chipset which puts up to the DAC, AMP while one puts in the no can. What is needed in this market is that Sony is the only company that can produce its own chipsets. As a result, noise cancellation is not lacking. I like the NoCan product so it is less impressive now, but if you do not use it for the first time, you will feel like you are in a different space by yourself.

However, it is weak against wind sound due to the nature of the noon. In that case, you can use the wind noise reduction menu which exists between 1-0 of ambient sound in Headphones app.

Adaptive sound control: This is an added feature as Sony is able to adjust the degree of noise cancellation freely. Depending on the situation, noise cancellation varies depending on the situation. I think WF stopped and changed music every time this setting changed. It is a function that I used well in WH. In WF, I stopped using the music because it stopped playing once. If you feel that you are being cut from the outside, suspect this function once. It may feel disconnected when you change from traffic mode to walking mode.

  1. Bluetooth
    There was a development of long-term generation with the change of the generation with the blu-ray 5.0. In fact, I have never felt disconnected while using Audio Technology's Bluetooth 5.0 product, so I bought it again without worrying about it again. Well, and of course I have not been disconnected properly until now. I do not think there is any interruption since I have not been disconnected from other parts of the same section. The mode is of course used in sound quality priority mode.

In fact, connection quality first, or sound quality first, because I connected to AAC, I do not know exactly the difference, but I can not feel the sound quality difference. I am still using the sound quality first. Besides the bit rate, there seems to be another difference ...

Latency has evolved to a point where viewing is no longer a problem. Is it okay to control the rhythm with just a little syncing? If you have a button that sounds right when you click on it, but it does not exactly replay the latency, you will hear a sound when you press that button quickly. I do not care about images, but I feel it when I get immediate feedback.

And there is a driver problem with Windows. Some Windows laptops do not get sound output devices. I do not know when it will be fixed, but it does not sound like my HP Specter 13.

  1. Call quality
    The other party's voice comes out from both sides during the call. Not one side. I do not think it would be better if the other person could listen to my voice better than this. I think it's okay to go outside in the room, but what about the problem? In Japan, I could not make calls in a noisy environment because there was not enough environment to be able to do such a call test.

The WH series remembers that the call was also subject to no cans, so the other party could hear my voice very well. But WF does not seem to have a call-only microphone ...

  1. Overall
    Advantages: Noise, no-cans, cordless combinations.
    Disadvantages: It is a drawback to compare, but the next generation should be able to reduce the size of the case
    Other: It seems to hide the power for the M4.

This is what Sony does most of the time, but when it comes to making a lot of dedicated chipsets, it pulls performance out of 100 pros, whether it's TV or camera or earphone. It is the first product that wrote QN1e, and probably the next product is same processor and improves convenience function. But I bought it just because it is a cautionary note that I should buy it first.

I would like to use cordless in the vicinity. I do not know the price of Korea. It seems to be up to. It is wise to buy it when you are in stock, because the Sony products are so well sold these days that you will not be able to come back when the stock falls. At present, Japan will be stocked at the time of release and will be in stock next month.

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