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Sony bt earphone WF-1000XM3

Sony bt earphone WF-1000XM3

  The objective data of sound / millepe / microphone are many famous experts and can not be said because it differs according to brain / ear difference.

Do you like Nokan?
  Before use, ear buds are said to be chosen to fit well with the ear that can stop the sound of the surroundings well. How important it is, in the product box, in the separate manual and in the manual, you will find duplicate information on the accessories and wearer.

  I do not think NC simply offsets the ambient sound, but I think the adaptive ambient sound is as important as the Sony banner. So it may be different from some people. Some vendors do not have an NC, so I just put a function that sends sounds around, I do not understand the concept of ambient sound.

  With the adaptive ambient sound as a basic configuration, I walked through the busy alleyway, especially on Saturday evenings, and the surrounding voices seemed to be a big 'buzz', and I did not need to change the mode or change the volume I was able to get along with music. Previously, Sony had marketing such as "The sound of the surroundings sounds good, but the sound of the movie is like a movie." I realized that.

  NC on the train felt a little different from the old way. I have not used it yet. Compared to WF-1000X, it seems to be a complaint depending on your preference.

  It is the feeling that the NC profile application standard according to the change of the surrounding environment is strengthened. I have been thinking that the response when the NC is turned on and the pattern exposure is in the NC position and exposed to other types of pattern noise is still a few years late. This time, I did not feel this difference, and I had an overdrive.

  Well. I am writing this review of the NC, but if you think calmly, I hope that the chipset has succeeded in miniaturization but it did not change greatly. WH-1000XM3 is different from wearing type, so I am not sure of the difference. It could just be my brain.

  Ambient sound application time has been significantly improved. I do not know whether this is due to the update of the headphone app before the product launch or whether the product is a virtue, but it seems that the former will benefit from the evaluation of the WF-1000XM3.

Connectivity and Delay
  The transceiver is also the Bluetooth module of the Sony module. I think the response to the vertical movement of the transceiver on the move is weak. A break occurs even within the arm range. Of course, it will reconnect quickly with a fairly stable feel.

  I play an action alpine game (Degalia Roast), and I have a long tap to use the Force Strike skill. Products that have a lot of delay, such as the WF-1000X, are hurting the game because this motion sound hit the backhand. The character is already running fast, and I hear the moving sound effect. Most of the well-made True Wireless headsets that do not have a NC released are very inexperienced for around 200ms.

  The WF-1000XM3 is NC / AAC / DSEE HX turned on so you can enjoy this game without any problems. Rhythm game users also want to use the cable.

Is it big?
  In the state that I wore, there was not such an impression, and after turning it off while looking at the product after worn out, the receiver module is enormous and I am amazed. Others do not seem to care about the size of the equipment in the ear anyway.

Is there an imbalance?
  Yes. There is. Most of the fortresses listen to music through mobile devices, so when you produce it, you do not make it as a stereo, or you crush it in mono when you encode it.

  It is fine when both signals are dropped due to communication failure with the transceiver. However, when only one headphone is disconnected after an abnormal break, the delay in the stereo sound is clearly felt from that time. Even if it seems as if it does not seem to have autonomous synchronization, the vocal is inactive when it sounds like a knife. Put both headphones in the case and reconnect them.

Is it waterproof?
  There is no introduction to waterproofing. But I think you have to consider damage in high humidity areas. It is written in the manual that it was designed to be able to drain the microphone hole. I would like to see that the culture of Japan's response to the torrential rainfall has dissolved.

It looks like it's old, but is not it loose?
  It does not matter if you follow the manual without wearing it like an air pot. I also want the material to be important.

  Do not wash your hands frequently or you will get a lot of oil in your case. I'm fine all day, and I'm bringing it to someone else's hand. Both sides of the case are responsible for the stability of the lid / headphones. Neodymium magnets are great. Those who have experienced a magnet accident may seem a bit scary.

  Those who can not get past the WI-1000X flagship can change it now?

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