Samsung Jet Wireless Cleaner (VS20R9078S3)

Samsung Jet Wireless Cleaner (VS20R9078S3)

I bought a Samsung Jet wireless cleaner last week

I am currently using the LG A9.

I bought a jet for my parents.

After using it for about a week, I cleaned the pour materials today.

I think I bought it again.

A9 I know you guys well

The tub itself does not clean the water. It's called rubber backing.

It's dusty and very difficult to clean.

However, Samsung Jet used it

The rubber backing part is also washable

Management is very easy.

(LG has a rubber backing part that is fastened to a fixed barrel, making it impossible to clean the water and making general cleaning difficult)

I'll just tell you today about the water wash.

I'll try it again and share some pros and cons.

Thank you

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