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(Roughly SOBE tabletop wireless fan review)

(Roughly SOBE tabletop wireless fan review)

(Hello, hello, I'm four-in-four, and in 2019,

  I bought the SOBE fan, which I judged, by using Qubee at 12,000 won for free shipping, and waited 4 days.

 And write it)

(Roughly boxed contents)

(Roughly the size of two fists)

(Roughly speaking, the components are as follows)

(The fact that I do not read it because there is no Korean explanation)

(Roughly the top and bottom of the angle adjustment)

(Roughly because the GIF camera is short but it does not work well until the end of the rotation)

(There are roughly four stages of switches, but the first, second, and third stages are wind strength, and the fourth stage is sleeping? Natural wind)

(Roughly the same as the wind fan in the house)

(Roughly speaking, the wind is so soft and quiet enough to be used in the office

  I was a bit surprised because it was bigger than I expected,

  Battery is long, so four days of waiting are all satisfied)

(Thank you for reading so much here)

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