Picobrew Pico C for 300,000 won beer maker

Picobrew Pico C for 300,000 won beer maker

I feel like I can't write very well, but some people are curious.
Like my past posts, it seems to be an article of middle heating that is inconsistent in depth. I'll just use the things I just felt.

Introduction of item

Once this product is a 'whole grain' brewing products. Unlike LG products based on capsules or cans based on malt concentrate, this means that the type works with malt. There is no additional processing, so the price is low and the malt's body and flavor will be deeper.
In more detail, it automates the process of mashing starch into sugar and hopping to extract flavor and aroma from hops and transfer it to fermenter.

Just note that this automated programming process requires the use of a picopak kit sold by Picobrew.
The company has partnered with a variety of craft beer breweries to make and sell real-branded beers. One pack becomes 5L of beer and the cost of the bag is about 90,000 won per 5 packs. It costs roughly 50,000 won per pack. It costs 5,000 won for 500ml and 3300 won for 330ml. It is much more expensive than regular beer, but it has a certain price advantage over craft beer. 500ml 5000 won is too expensive! It is never suitable for those who do. It will appeal to those who want to buy expensive beer at a lower price and more variety!

The product I use is the Pico C model, an entry model that sometimes gives a discount of around $ 250. It consists of a set of fermentation-specific Pico Kegs and serving-only Serving kegs. The upper model, Pico Pro, uses Cornelius keg for both fermentation and serving, resulting in different keg connections. The next higher product line is Z, which allows the user to add malt and hops for custom brewing. The price goes up to $ 2500. You can see that Pico C and Pro are cheap models for selling Picopak.

The inside of the picopack looks like this. Malt, hops, yeast and other ingredients are needed.

Time is roughly below the degree.

5 minutes of picopack preparation (the time it takes to unpack the box, transfer it to a transparent container and install it in the machine ...
Equipment operation approximately 3 hours (mashing, hopping)
Tube / equipment cleaning About 5 minutes + fermentation Chilling about 24 hours
About 2 weeks beer fermentation
Natural Carbonation Approx. 1-2 weeks / Cold Crashing + Kegging + Forced Carbonization 2-3 days

But is it worth it to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars? The bottom line is that some beers have an advantage over imported beers, and you can drink a variety of American beers. However, I would like to recommend it to people who enjoy washing dishes, carbonic annoyances, and the possibility of one-time pollution as a hobby.


I purchased a manufacturer refurbished product for $ 200 on ebay. Recently, I had a discount sale on the home market for $ 250, but I did not have time to write this, so I could not introduce it. The ship was transported by sea to Omai, price $ 227, shipping cost $ 39 (actual weight 40lb, volume 64lb) Customs clearance fee $ 5, tax 56,560 won.
After receiving it, it seemed like I just repackaged and sold a simple return product rather than a manufacturer refurbished.

This product is 110v and has a heating device and a pump, so a transformer is required. I bought a 3kva ring core type transformer for those who regularly sell a new trance in a used country. If you search by link core, you will be prompted. We have also made the 220v version originally for Europe.

You also need a Norin disinfectant called stannic acid. If you just look at it, you need it. Everything that touches the beer must be disinfected and touched.

You can also buy an articulated sugar meter to determine your alcohol level. There is a calculation method in my course article.

Product and Pico pack reviews

The quality and price efficiency of the picopack may be the most important part because of the picopack.
I tried 3-4 hams.

  1. Recent trendy beers that have been hit with hops and have an incredibly juicy taste are very good. I have never felt such beer taste in Korea except the very fresh beer imported into the refrigerator. NEIPA or juicy / hazy tassels. Put dry hops on the 3rd day until you're finished.
  2. Other styles of beer come easily from commercial grade beer. Here I felt. IPA also has Goose IPA (http://mbn.mk.co.kr/pages/news/newsView.php?news_seq_no=3892407) which costs 4 cans at a low price, and Twisted Manzanita (https: // m. blog.naver.com/sch8787/220485828332) often buys a bottle of 330ml for 34,000 won. The value for money for the initial investment is ambiguous. So if you are interested, you might want to find out what marketplace beers are.
  3. There is not always a consistent result because there are no variables in fermentation or dry hopping during fermentation. Sometimes beer can go bad. You must enjoy the process of brewing and fermentation and have the desire to study. It's not such an easy product that just comes out with a push of a button.
  4. To talk more about the process .. 20L compared to brewing is a scam .. Except for preparation and washing, do it alone. I fell asleep while mashing, but when I woke up, it was over and told me to clean the finish. You can also check your status in the app. Once you get used to it, you can turn it off even if you're like a habit.

The supplied serving keg is not exaggerated and needs to be cleaned / dried through a hole that is as small as a finger so that everyone can quickly throw it away and go into bottling or forced carbonation. Anyway, it seems good to provide solution to carbonation. I just went straight to hard coal.
By the way, all similar kegs sold at the market except Heineken can be recycled after emptying the beer. You only need to buy a new rubber bung that blocks the hole. But I took off the rubber lid, and it came out ...

I thought the product or brewing mechanism was a very well designed product. It started with kickstarter funding and now owns equity investments in a big beer company called ABInbev. All parts are thought to have been designed by many brewers. My feeling is that homebrew virtues have all the technologies that are good on the Internet, making them one rational mechanism. I tried to listen to the example but it became too long and I explained the operation mechanism part below in detail.
If you put the dishwasher solid detergent and wash it, you can wash it alone ... Care is quite easy. In addition, there are additional functions such as soviet or cold brew.
Noise is a little loud, and the sound of the pump is big and I brew it while making a sound like this.
In recent years, the ability to brew a limited amount of personally purchased materials has been added. This is not a automation because it is not intended to be used for anything. .
Some of the 5-6 liter cans can be washed and cleaned. These processes can be a little tricky. But it's much easier and less time consuming to brew in a 20L barrel.

The picopack itself ... it's nice to make a container from biodegradable materials ... it's often torn during brewing, so the grains leak out and close the holes. In this case, please take a picture and send it to the support and give a free pico-pack coupon code. And if you put the ripped pico pack back into a bag and brew it again, you can save your drink too. I haven't had such a case yet, but I keep seeing picco packs that swell insecurely.

I use distilled water or purified water, but I just use tap water, but ... The picopack contains minerals to match the hardness. Bottled water should be water with a low mineral content. It is better to keep the hops for dry hopping and disassemble it from the box, but I'm tired of it.


I am a very satisfied product. In particular, beer that flies with hops over time, such as NEIPA (New England IPA) is too hard to drink properly without making it yourself. It is usually said that beer should be drunk within three months from the date of manufacture. It's even better if you keep it refrigerated. If it's not made in Korea, it's already a lot of flavor.

This is the recommended product for those who want to drink a wide range of beers and high quality beer even if they are home brewing. According to the reviews, there is almost no difference in taste when compared to the same beer in the actual brewery, and the hop flavor may be better than the brew beer.

Self-brewing is the way it is. There are a few things to learn when you first start. There is a learning curve in English. Of course, if you follow the manual, as it is done on the official YouTube channel, there is no problem. But you have to read them and get started.

Let's conclude the conclusion. Try the calculator,

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