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Our Stylish Ulleungdo

Our Stylish Ulleungdo

I guess what I've heard is that I've been seeing you lately :-)

I can not see it again for a while, so I try to work diligently when I can raise it.

We went to our wonderful island, our proud Ulleungdo.

Ulleungdo was born and visited for the first time.

I honestly did not know that the ship was going to get this far.

Usually Ulleungdo visit starts from Gangneung, Pohang, Hoopo and Mookho.

You can book a flight by internet, go to Gangneung and take a ferry boat to Ulleungdo, Dodong,

It is common to rent a car.

(It is the sunset as seen from Kagoshima port)

I'm in a situation where I have to take my car.

I went down from Seoul to Pohang. I'm barely going through this kind of complicated, painful and spectacular stuff.

I was able to go to Ulleungdo.

I'm going to Ulleungdo ... The boat was more than I expected.

According to the residents, it is common that the swell ... (If the weather is bad,

I am a traveler, but I am a cursed body with sunshine allergy, powerful motion sickness, disk.

So if you have a schedule to take a boat, you will get a powerful syringe.

When I visited Ulleungdo, I also took very strong medicines.

I was still sick.

If you are sick, I think you should have a little bit of preparation.

Ulleungdo was not bigger than I thought.

The area is 72.9km2. It is said that the size is smaller than Anmyeondo.

Ulleungdo is very steep, unlike the mountains that are familiar to our eyes.

The mountains, which are stretched up high, felt very special.

And the water was very clear.

There were so many seagulls.

It looks like a pond near Pohang, like a seagull fort.

This is a bridge into Gwaneumdo.

This is Taj hill coast.


It's a Tacao promenade.

There is also an uncle who is fishing.

There is a place called Heavenly Observatory.

Take the admission ticket and go down the stairs or the Elbe to the 6m underwater and see the water through the glass.

There were many cute fish.

The elders who were on tour of Ulleungdo really liked it.

This is a picture taken at a resort called Healing Stay Cosmos.

I remember that the cost of the accommodation was quite expensive. I only used the cafes here and looked around the garden.

I decorated it well. Even if you do not use accommodation, it is worth a visit.

The jump photo place is a forest bathing place where you can meet in the Sungbong Penglai waterfall.

I liked this forest better than Penglai Falls.

This is the image of Ulleungdo that I have received.

I have come to Ulleungdo and have not seen Dokdo.

It 's hard to go once.

Jeju Island is another Ulleungdo attraction. (More tourists than I thought)

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