ORICO USB 3.0 Hub MH4PU User

ORICO USB 3.0 Hub MH4PU User

Hello egg.


Today I would like to introduce a USB 3.0 hub that provides four USB 3.0 ports.


I have been using the Orico AH4H genetic product for about three years.

This product is also a good USB 3.0 4-port oilfield product, and it is a sturdy product without any defects, but one inconvenience was that it was difficult to clean up.

The power supply and the USB3.0 cable INPUT are located on the top of the product, so it's difficult to stand.


Still not tidy? Is a shame, and I would like to use a thin, non-powered product, but I gave up on the fact that the neat cleanup similar to the performance part is equally difficult compared to the genetic equipment.


However, I found a product on AliExpress that satisfies my needs.




It is MH4PU product made by ORICO.


MH4PU products are currently available in three varieties.


   MH4PU: USB 3.0 4-Port, Powerless

MH4PU-P: USB 3.0 4-Port, Genetic Source

               MH2AC-U3: USB 3.0 2-Port, 1 SD Card, No Power


I purchased the MH4PU-P genetic material.


The power is Micro USB B Type and it receives 5V = 2A.

Output is available from USB 3.0 INPUT 1Port to OUTPUT 4Port.

The package includes MH4PU-P, one UBS 3.0 A-A cable, instruction manual, and no Micro USB cable or adapter to receive power INPUT.


There are four USB 3.0 Type 4 types, and there are Micro USB for power INPUT and INPUT USB 3.0 Type A type port on the back.


You may have wondered why there is an ugly thumbscrew on the USB hub here.


Fasten it to your desk with your thumbscrews, which is why you bought the MH4PU.

You can easily install it by turning the thumbscrew on the side such as a desk or monitor.

(Can be installed up to 32mm thick)


If you compare before and after installation, the difference is obvious.

Before / after installation

The INPUT cable is hidden behind the desk, the product itself is smaller than the A3H3, and is located in the corner of the desk, which is quite neat and frees up space.


Performance is also good at USB 3.0 speeds and supports 5W output.


It is a little difficult to include both the power micro USB cable and adapter for INPUT in the package, but there is some inconvenience that you want to provide a micro USB cable, and the supplied USB 3.0 AA cable is about 1m. It is recommended to prepare separately.

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