Mongolia distress + Gobi Desert Trip

Mongolia distress + Gobi Desert Trip

I went to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia last Chusok last year.

I am a friend of mine who went to Canada like my childhood.

So I just went to Mongolia to choose several destinations.

There is a little information error because I wrote it depending on subjective memory.

Once in Mongolia, the shortest course is usually Tejji (National Park) or Hobs Oyster (Mongolian big lake).

But we wanted to go to the desert. So I followed the Mongolian travel cafe in Naver and took me to Gobi Desert in 4 days and 5 nights.

I found a travel agency.

Air fare: 400,000 won per person

Tour fee: 600,000 won per person

Other expenses: 5 ~ 100 thousand won per person

So it is a trip that I finished with about 1 million won.

It was 4:00 am on Mongolia flight to airport. I decided to meet the guide at 7 o'clock.

The only caffeine in the airport is at Tam & Tams.

After the guide meeting, I buy a chip pack and leave. The endless horizon is unfolding.

However, Mongolia is an OFFLINE-optimized destination. I do not need a chip. I do not have internet.

On the way, I tell the guide to buy snacks and drinks. That kitcat played a big role.

I was in trouble and I kept giving him every time I met a local. The reaction was great! And the kimchi stew seen behind

Due to the disaster in the next day, we will eat hot goat milk (goat milk) instead of water in the plains. ㅠ

See also the goats and sheep passing by.

I am going to take pictures of these dolls. For reference, all the places where I stopped and took pictures are the restrooms of nature.

Until you arrive at the camp on the first day, all the work is solved in nature. The women wear an umbrella and resolve it.

The guide uncle (the locals, the second son is Ulaanbaatar University) seems to be digging away goat milk as a side job. I buy goat milk for local people and carry it.

The photo is good but the smell is huge.

I finally arrive at the ger and have a break.

The internet does not work, and it is too cold even in September, so I take out my sleeping bag.

I set a sleeping bag on my bed and sleep for about two hours. Today is just a natural healing time, resting here.

It took about 20 minutes by car to the restaurant.

The meal was far more than I thought.

Baek Jong-won We eat delicious with Kochujang and go back to the hotel and wash. The water pressure is weak and the water is a little rough.

But it is enough to wash, cheap and clean up your body. I take a shower and make a living.

I also plan to see the stars. About 3 o'clock in the morning, the stars seem to pour out. Eventually I failed throughout my trip.

Because of the cold and windy weather, the caretakers in Goer give you a goat poop. It warms up a little warmly, but when it is over, it keeps the proper temperature for a while and gets a little cold.

I shut down the entrance of the ger so that the warmth does not go out and I share such a talk with my friends.

I do not have internet, so I have nothing to talk about.

Because it is very dry when sleeping, I prepared a mask for 30 pieces and slept with a mask.

If you are going to Mongolia this season please pack your mask ~!

The next day is bright and I will leave the shots to leave the shots and leave the shots.

Most germs can not be washed at 9 o'clock in the evening and electricity is turned off. (In our case it was, there is a difference for every German camp)

And two hours after we left, the car left! The wheel is broken (?).

The locals, other guides who passed by, come and look, but they seem to have no answer.

When I returned to the airport on the last day when I felt that Mongolian people were very nice, I had a rollover accident on the highway. (Other vehicles)

Everyone who passed by came up with a car and helped each other. It was a very remote place, feeling the dangers of living together.

The guide borrows a motorcycle from a local german and goes to camp the day before and requests sos.

We laid a mat on the floor and took a nap for about an hour. 02. Singing. 03. I dance. 04. I see the sky.

I also watch airplanes fly like this. Take a photo close to the ceiling.

Your uncle is here. a / s I bring parts from the center. Wait two hours.

In the meantime, I mentioned the kimchi noodles in goat milk. Give the kittens to the locals who brought the goat milk.

Go to the locals and eat bread with goat cheese (?).

a / s Uncle came and hehehe .. I brought the right parts.

I'm going to pick up the parts again. But time does not come. I found out that on the way back, the a / s uncle's car broke the wheel.

a / s I go to my uncle's car and bring the parts and fix them. It is 9 o'clock in the night. Fix it and connect the rope to a / s uncle's car.

Go to the area called Mandal Gobi and stay at the hotel. It was almost 12 o'clock in the night.

(It was originally a germ, and we were told that we were too tired to go to the hotel)

We sleep in a hotel where the water is poor and start the next schedule.

I was so tired yesterday, so I was a bit annoyed with the guide, but I have enjoyed everything again because I already put everything down.

I go to the mart, eat ice cream and eat fanta 툽. 2% Peach flavor is carbonate flavor but it is honey flavor. Mongolia is a must-se

He treated Kimchi stew (?) In the city of Mandal Goby, saying that he was sorry yesterday. It is a nuclear waste.

I still ate ^ ^ I was looking at Yoolingam (rocky cliff) and I was afraid because I was afraid. (I'm not sure it's over capacity)

We use nature as toilet and go to next ger.

The wheel again popped. It is not broken yet.

And the next day I finally arrive at the Gobi Desert, the culmination of fine dust. The goal is to climb over that hill.

When I saw it with eyes, it was not very high and I was confident, it usually takes about two hours.

The reason is that the feet fall into the sand very well. I have a lot of physical exhaustion. But it is worth to climb. The picture is good.


I spent a lot of pictures in the desert for a few hours, so I hunger and forgot my lunch.

We arrive at Jiangsu Braga, the Grand Canyon of Mongolia, and take pictures. As you can see in the sky, it was raining and I could only stay about an hour. The original Grand Canyon is much larger and nicer than the scale. But if you are here, it is worth a visit.

I was told that the soap was not washed so well in the ger camp the day before and it was originally the sea. So, there's a lot of salt in the water.

I did not understand well because of Hanmonger (Korean + Mongolian) of guide uncle, but it seems like it.

Mongolia, the moon is so low that you can take pictures.

It was a trip to Mongolia which was a difficult 12 hour trip and a long distance.

However, the freedom and spaciousness of the offline and nature can make each other strong,

It was a great help to clear it.

It is a little uncomfortable but it seems to be a good travel destination to heal your mind when you are complicated and frustrated.

If you want to travel to Mongolia

  • A member who has a good taste of membership.
  • The person who can enjoy the aesthetics of slowness. I have to wait until something comes out while running on a plain without road.
  • Those who do not have enough family conversation. I can not talk.
  • Those who can put down complaints / complaints
  • Those who want to recharge their exhausted energy.

It is recommended ~

Mongolia Travel Tips

  • Bluetooth speaker required
  • I'd like a cushion, too.
  • Mask required
  • Well .. I think it would be nice if you could bring tuna, steak, spam and so on.
  • A large travel agency was hunting in the guerine guide + Korean food. Looked good. However,

We wanted to be alone, so we had a sole guide.

  • Many local people recommended Cheng Here to everyone. Cheng Here can see the starlight and can do the hot spring.

I will recommend you there. I am going to go back to Cheng Here again!

I do not think it's better to put pictures than I thought.

Mongolia is said to be the best trip in the summer and Asiana also has a new service.

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