Keyboard mechanical type 2 product reviews

Keyboard mechanical type 2 product reviews

  1. Hansung Computer GTune CHL5 XRGB 55g (solid state) 86 key
  2. Cooler Master CM STORM QUICK FIRE ULTIMATE Full RED LED (Blue) 106 key

1 is in use by the company.

2 at home ...

They both seem to be more than three years old.

First, number 1 keycaps start to shine after several months of abs.

I switched to pbt keycap, but led rgb is supported, but the keycap is just a normal keycap.

rgb led is also the first time to use .. I do not have to look at using it.

The wipe keyboard is a real force non-contact point. It seems to be about 80 ~ 90% satisfaction level.

I have not been able to do this. I have exchanged ... (tangible goods ..)

2, I bought it because I saw it in the pc room.

If you wake up and wake up when you use it on the weekend ...

If I live next time, I think I will buy it with a grate or an ax.

Among the two models, Hansung's non-contact recommendation! is.

Nowadays, there are many non-contact models, so there are many other options.

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