Kaba Team Fabric 15W Car Wireless Charger

Kaba Team Fabric 15W Car Wireless Charger

Originally, I was using BASEUS high-speed wireless charger for my pictures, but since the gel pads have been loosened since the beginning of this year, they have been crushed over the bump in the middle of last month.

I decided to buy a compatible docking station and continue to use it, but after changing the phone to S10, I felt that the charging speed was slowing down so I decided to buy a new one.

The picture's BASEUS car high-speed wireless charger supports 10W fast charge. It is said that it is a general wireless charging and speed is high speed.

The automatic retractable charger has proximity, weight recognition, and FOD (proximity sensor) type sensors. A high-speed wireless charger for the Verbatim car that uses a weight-sensitive sensor (Verbatim 1, previous product, 10W charger) and an FOD-based stand that only recognizes electronic devices. Red Bin Otto Square 1 replica I found out by chance that I found out that Auto Square was sold by re-branding Chinese products) and purchased FOD method for 15W charge.

I thought the fabric was better than Verbatim 1 because it was a sequel. The comparison with Verbatim 1 is somewhat different because it is a review report. If it is not true, please point out it.

  1. Verbatim 1 has a built-in battery, so it can be opened and closed 100 times after the power is turned off. The fabric has a spare power capacitor, so it has a 5mm auto opening function after turning off the power. Just open the phone so that it does not fall back and forth and lift it up. Since there is no battery, you can not fix the phone with the ignition turned off like Birbatham 1.
  2. The Verbatim 1 is operated by pushing the pad by hand with the weight recognition sensor, and the fabric works by putting the electronic device in the FOD method.
  3. Both products have an auto lock function that will be fixed again if the phone is unplugged even if the button is pressed to unlock it. However, the sensor type is different, and Verbatim 1 closes again in 1 to 2 seconds, while the fabric closes again after 3 to 5 seconds.
  4. Verbatim 1 will open when power is turned on, but the fabric will close first when power is on, then again after 5 seconds if no cell is present.
  5. Verbatim 1 10W, 15W high-speed wireless charging is supported. The charging rate of the fabric is quite satisfactory. The fabric will charge up to 10% per hour during daytime driving.

6.Barbass team 1 is useful because it is easy to check the charge state and the design is luxurious after the stand is lit. Fabric is good design before installation, but if you put a cell phone is not visible is not meaningful.

Included are the charger body, USB-C cable, dashboard holder, and fan holder. The ball head part of the cradle is compatible with the BASEUS charger. I used the dashboard mount on the glass, and I gave it to my father with BASEUS on the mount.

The BASEUS cradle was not fixed properly when it was not in the center, but it was not stable during running, but the fabric was automatic retractable.

The wicked price of 60,000 won and the Japanese products (US company, but Mitsubishi subsidiary) is a big disadvantage.

We recommend similar products for those who are bullied. Xiaomi 20W car charger, Red Bin Auto Square 1 (10W charge) and AutoSquare 2 (15W charge) to be released. Xiaomi supports 20W charging, but it is a disadvantage of proximity sensor. The red bean has a relatively low malfunction due to the FOD method like the fabric. It seems to be selling goods in China, so I think that you can meet with the new product, Otosquare 2, soon in Ali. If you look at the Auto Square 1, you can see that some 15W replicas are supported. I did not find it, and I bought a fabric (Youtube malfunction video) because of doubts about Red Bin quality. I do not have time to order from Ali because I need it now. Some high-end products include the Krapson CTX-S10. I would like to purchase a good product because there are many substitutes among FOD type.

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