JMW dryer M5001A

JMW dryer M5001A

Two years? Three years ago ?? Before purchasing the model above, it was good to have a good airflow. Anyway, there was a good dryer.

jmw When the model came out in the early days, it reacted very well here and at the pungpu, I bought it and I wrote it all the time ~

It's a normal three-way family, my son's wife.

I recently smelled a bad smell when it was combined with a strong wind + warm air.
Other combinations do not smell

I was afraid that it would break ,,,

For your reference, the pattern of dryer operation during that time is good for cold hair on the sales page at the time, and I remember something like that,

I used it while mixing the wind with a moderate cold wind and a strong wind.

I cleaned up the dust nets.

If you search for a year, you will be free.

It is expected that the internal heater problem will be sent to the company and it will be shipped and will be paid for 10,500 won.
The repair period is 8 ~ 10 business days.

No heater parts do not have such a good durability ,,, but a little foolish ok shipping + deposit

However, the actual courier service is completed on the 8th business day after the completion, there was no contact received, and the product has not come yet,

I will be able to receive it until Thursday, which is 10 days.

It takes a long time. I have been living with the existing dryer, but it is too inconvenient.
I will not fix it the next time I get stuck again.

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